Americans Try German Food For The First Time

That’s German engineering at its finest, if you ask me.” Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: …


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  1. Eating plain quark is like eating plain sour-cream. It also depends what type of quark you use: Full fat is way more creamy than low-fat. Mix it with some fresh herbs like chives, parsley, tarragon, chervil etc. and season it with salt and pepper, then eat it with some hot potatoes or a nice, thick slice of sourdough bread, or if you want to eat healthy, use it as a dip for stripes of raw veggies like cucumber, bell pepper, radish, carrots etc…
    Or you can go sweet and mix it with fruit, honey, put it on your granola etc..
    Quark = win!

  2. I'm stationed on a Us Army base in Germany, I tried that Paprika chips but they taste really good, but bytheway they loves potatoes and wurst hahah specially to drink alcohol they loves beer fests

  3. Where is the Schweinebraten? Where is the Apfelstrudel? Where is the Weißwurst with Brezn? Where is the Obatzta? Where is the Currywurst? Where is the Steckalfisch? Where is the Krautsalat? Where is the motherfucking GERMAN KARTOFFELSALAT? You guys get an F, please try again next time.

  4. Seriously, I am German and I think this is rude. These foods (except of the Bratwurst/Chips) not eaten as they should (Quark) or really unpopular in Germany. I've never seen "Salty Licorice Gummies" in German stores like Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Netto, Edeka. The most popular foods (in Germany) are not shown here. (Like normal Haribos) And that Thumbnail seems to show that German foods are yuck. (To be honest I as a German person wouldn't like these Haribos or Quark without anything as well.)

    The worst thing is, that you will see similar Thumbnails if you search "trying German foods".

    For all germans/An alle deutschen:
    Wie findet ihr das? Diese kleine Auswahl an zum teil auch unappetitlichen "alltäglichen Deutschen Produkten".

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