Adventures in Tech – Dreamcast: Sega’s heroic failure

Sega’s Dreamcast was an innovative console masterpiece with a great games selection. So why did it fail so hard?


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  1. Dreamcast wasn't a failure as a console. It failed as a commercial product due to SEGA America short view and piss poor understanding about what the video points as 'western gamers'.

    First of all, Japanese titles had a lot of demand in Europe (as it happened with Saturn and Mega Drive/Genesis games); No one ever realized that? (strang thing is that they still have a lot of demand, example: JRPG's). Instead of those magnificent Jap games, we were fed stupid silly games from American studios.

    Another point gone wrong was the GD-ROM. It remains unclear why not jumping to DVD (avoid royalties ?) or to make easy with existent arcade systems. In fact I've seen a few arcade machines from SEGA very similar to the dreamcast with a SCSI GD-ROM unit. The DVD would have actually made it more attractive.

    Finally, MICROSOFT! Anyting Microsoft touches ends up dead… Dreamcast, Nokia, etc.

  2. My dreamcast has never been put away. We have a dedicated tv set up to it. 17 years later and its still in use. I have about 50 games for it. All the capcom fighting games, sonic, shenmue, crazy taxi, soul caliber, ready rumble, resident evil…the list goes on and on….4 controllers for power stone 2…c'mon. Ps2 had nothing for like the first 18 months. Sega just ran out of funding. Lets not forget people, this was 1999…the internet wasnt around persay. Marketing was conventional but massively expensive. Tv, Radio, billboards and magazines. Hardware economics are brutal. Sony didn't turn a profit on the ps3 until 2012! Thats almost 6 years after launch! Sega couldn't afford to be in the hole for another 3 years or atleast to bridge the gap until another system. The Dreamcast still owns the greatest launh in history! 10 million units in 16 months, thats INCREDIBLE! I think theyre in the guiness book for greatest entertainment launch in history!

  3. The Best console ever made, That is an understatment its is be far the BEST and deserved to be here today. I Remember getting this console as a kid and less than a year later hearing th heartbreaking news that it was shutting down via a game magazine, RIP Dcast.

  4. Ironically, Sega were even toying with the Wiimote controller in the Dreamcast too. Ready 2 Rumble was originally built to be compatible with it. But you can find remnants of the concept by using the fishing controller on Soul Calibur and Virtua Tennis.

    Also, Jet Grind Radio? It was re-branded back to it's original name Jet Set Radio years ago Sir.

    But I also think developers only porting PS1 and PC games to the DC also crippled it.

  5. ps2 had alot of style and i think it just targeted the people would buy one just for movies.
    a way kids could bargain with parents to buy the games and movie for one machine rather than 2
    must have made Christmas real simple. well played sony

  6. Ever since Sega started adding onto the Genesis, it began its slow demise to leaving the console market. Putting all the blame on one system is wrong, it was losing more and more to Nintendo, especially when it kept trying to branch out. They should have left the Genesis alone, in the end had a good chance, but the 32-X and the CD, bad decisions in the long run Sega, very bad moves.

  7. In my opinion, the Dreamcast didn't kill Sega in the console war; the 32x followed by the the Saturn's awful failure put Sega in a hole that was too deep for them to dig themselves out of, even with a great console. Unfortunately, I never owned a Dreamcast, but I have played ports of some of its game

  8. Irony of Sega pulling out of the Dreamcast was that Gamecube did not do that well either. If you ask me if Sega stayed in the fight they could have defeated Gamecube and made enough money to hold on. Just my opinion lol. 

  9. The Dreamcast was the best console ever.  Think about it.  It was only out for a year and a half and It had a better lineup than systems that had 4 or 5 years on the shelf.  If only they put in a dvd drive.  The only reason I got an X-Box is because it had 3 of my favorite Dreamcast franchises at launch.  Dead or Alive, Project Gotham, and Jet Set Radio Future.  They even had Shenmue as boring as it was.  I am still waiting for the Dreamcast version of Daytona and Sega Rally to pop up as DLC.  The really sad thing is that Sega sucks ass now and cant get a single thing right.  Sega needs to get all the original members of AM2 and trick them into make a new arcade game, then release it as DLC for the home consoles.

  10. I think these are ALL the reasons the Saturn and Dreamcast have failed:

    – The shitty add-ons for the Genesis / Mega Drive
    – No main Sonic titles

    – Not backwards compatible
    – You can play copied games on it
    – No DVD player

  11. It was way better than the ps1, but not quite as good as the ps2. That was was always the problem for sega. Bad timing. Very similar to how the Genesis got beat by the snes and Saturn beat by the ps1. Sega didn't have the money to compete with sony by 2000. Saturn really hurt them. But still I loved the dreamcast for a summer, then the ps2 blew it away!

  12. Quite simply the greatest gaming system ever built.  The fact that mine is still sandwiched between my Xbox One and PS4, while other generations of consoles are relegated to the games room goes to show how great it is. It still gets played for at least 1 day a week as well.  PS2, Gamecube an the Xbox died a decade ago. The Dreamcast it still going strong.

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