Top 10 Simple Things We Still Don’t Understand

Some have said that the human pursuit of knowledge is like awakening naked in a dark forest, and being asked “how did you get here?” Despite the many …


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  1. I've never seen this explanation anywhere else, probably because it's too simple. Underarm hair and pubic hair acts as a barrier between layers of skin to prevent chafing. Ever get a severe chafe after shaving one of these areas? It's because the moist skin of these areas is now allowed to come in contact with itself, and consequently becomes irritated.

  2. About mosquitos. I live in an area with a water natural reservation so my city has mosquitos. When I was a kid I was their meal, every mosquito was bitting me. Also when I grew up, till one point when they started to avoiding me. My blood type is B (3) but turned out I had hepatitis C. After some years of fighting I made it getting clean from the C virus. Already 15 years and my virus counting is 0. However, I bet the C virus has nothing to do bad to the mosquitos but still from when I discovered my hepatitis those insects are avoiding me. I don't know if is a relation between those two but whatever.. I wanted to share with you.

  3. I think consciousness is more like a sum of everything your body is up to at the time including its weak em field. If one day we could prove that maybe the concept of transplanted organs changing personalities will be explainable.

  4. Consciousness is an emergent property of the brain specifically caused by the network of 7 systems (the names of those systems escape me at the moment), in experiments involving suppression of brain functions consciousness maintains when all other systems are suppressed, but ceases if any one of those 7 systems are suppressed.
    Just the fact that consciousness can be altered or disabled by altering the physical brain proves that the mind (consciousness) is not separate from the brain.

  5. Sleep slows aging, scientifically proven.
    I've yawned while in freezing temperatures while my head was uncovered, so no yawning does cool the brain.
    Mosquitoes are repulsed by the pheromones of some people, scientifically proven.
    Pubic hair hold our pheromones to lure the opposing humanoids genetics with opposite pheromones, scientifically proven.

  6. Pubic hair (and under-arm hair) – an anti-friction device. Where we have two skin surfaces that come in contact we would chafe. The reason why pubic hair is curly – so we don't poke our eyes out.

  7. Yeah scientist must really not understand why mosquitoes bite some more than others, considering that "fact" that blood type O people are more likely to be bitten. How is this possible when I have blood type O and I almost never get bitten by mosquitoes. The last time I got bitten by a mosquito was two years ago. I think its something more than just blood type O!

  8. I only remember one single dream I've had (well actually only a part of it),

    I remember hiding under a table, two tall men without eyes, and a girl with long black hair standing in the middle of nothing surrounded by torches staring at the floor…

    I swear I'm telling the truth! This is the only dream I remember having in my whole life! I tried writing down what I dreamed as soon as I wake up, but it didn't work… It's been creeping me out for a while…

  9. about the scientists who woke people up before they could dream. what if they didn't have all of those symptoms because they couldn't sleep, but because they didn't have REM Sleep

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