The 10 Rules Of Making Money: What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me In School

Disclaimer: Results may vary. I’ve learned some these 10 important rules of money the hard way and some I’ve learned from listening to others. 1. Do the …


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  1. I'm 15 years old and I love your content, I do however disagree with your shoe comment on how they rust in price. I resell shoes online and I am making hundreds and thousands of dollars doing it, i dont know if sneakers were the best idea but I do understand the concept, thanks and big fan

  2. For anyone that can answer my question. Very important to me. What is the book he was mentioning in the beginning of the vlog?? I would like to buy and own the book to read it and learn from it.

  3. People who buy plasma TV's instead of the land are not bad investors, but minimum wage workers. How the hell you can afford something to invest in without the initial capital? I live paycheck to paycheck and sure thing Instead of spending $200 on depreciating TV I should just invest? In what, books? People aren't stupid. if life was so easy everyone would be rich.

  4. Hi Tai! I am currently pursuing my ecom business with an online store in which I presently have a mentor in place to assist. However, I'm currently struggling with a win-lose situation with my peers. I haven't come across any videos from anyone relating to these "changes" in close relationships that I am being forced to relieve myself from. I am just so hyper-focused on reinventing my life and have "changed" in appearing to be self-centered, when I'm normally known to be self-less. These distractions were a struggle until today and has led me to the firm decision to ultimately cease defending my position and have put my emotions "on the shelf", as well as terminating those long-term friendships. They simply don't understand that I am evolving into a different type of character, in my pursuit towards entrepreneurship as I am now in a new/different role. I have rented my first home that I had built 16 years ago to free up my financial obligations and gain freedom to pursue my goals. It has been very liberating experience and I have no regrets! 🙂 I have happliy made some enormous sacrifices and have completely stepped out of my comfort zone and although some unplanned/expected hardships have occurred but I have adjusted my sails gracefully and have orchestrated my dynamic to allow me the time that I need to dedicate myself to my ecom business 100%. I am called "crazy" by my friends on a daily basis and for some reason they look at my situation and believe that I'm unhappy due to my circumstances. I keep telling them that it's no accident and I am happier now than I have ever been. I'm FREE! I wake up excited every day! What I would like to know is, if you have any suggestions or experiences that you would like to share on how to move forward while your friends are dropping like flies. I won't allow anything to take me off of my course and I am very driven/determined to do all of the work entailed to reach my goals. No excuses! However, as solid as I am on continuing this journey. I have to admit that it's very confusing to me as to why people are being so disappointed and even angered when all I'm trying to do is remain peaceful and drama-free in my pursuit to be an entrepreneur! Nothing will stop me, especially other people that don't understand my mission, but I would appreciate any suggestions on how to handle this situation. I'm not in the business of hurting people but I feel as though it's really the only option to be successful in my pursuit. Thank you for inspiring me and for any reponse you take the time to post, in advance. 🙂

  5. I don't care people said you are scammer and so forth because to me the most important is the content not someone background..this content is GOLD.. Thanks sifu tai ?

  6. Well put, this is excellent. Crystal clear. I can relate to it all. When I tried to sell something, I had no object that would return more value than I purchased them for. That's when I realized how buying stuff was useless. I didn't buy much costly stuff though. So, I decided to buy things that would fetch more more value in the future. Thanks for the video. The concept is well explained and rings true as well. Thank you 🙂

  7. Tai lopes I have a question for you I'm working 18hrs a day should I stop one job and work on myself? I hardly have anytime for myself I'm 16 I wanna know if I should read more or continue working 18 hours a day ?

  8. Hi! I am a mother of two, and I am reading a seeing vídeos as much as I can about money so I can teach my daughter and son how to have a much better life than mine. So, I was liking very much to ear what you were saying, but then you just talked about three things… I'm disapointed because I read the title and then seen the vídeo and then I didn't get the total information… I live in Europe and the hour is diferente, so I really like to find vídeos of people that give the informations without guide you to other link… I was going to subscrive at the end… Regards from Portugal.

  9. Hi! I didn't get how the millionaire travelled around without paying! Didn't he pay for the flight tickets or for his accommodation?
    I'm usually broke so whenever I spend a certain amount of money its on education rather than clothes like you said about investment and I feel like that's a good sign of investment

  10. i disagree with the spend only on items that will earn more money.
    as a lifetime strategy this will not work.
    you need to enjoy some of the money as you are making it.
    by enriching your experience as you make more money.

    the true about it is that you have to put thinking into
    your spending to get more and to get the right things
    that will impact your life in a large way.
    insted of spending on advertised stuff impolses or night's out

    get a fine car you will enjoy having.
    a guitar if you love music.
    a hobby .

    money making can be draining at times and this is how you recharge
    a happy mind works 10 times better.

    time is money.. but money can't buy your time back .

  11. "Don't buy things that rust, rot, or depreciate", says the guy with a black Lamborghini. I think he should have used his "knowledge" when purchasing that and realized that it depreciated 20% right when it left the dealership. Not to mention probably one of the highest costs of ownership possible for any vehicle. Smart buy? You make the decision.

  12. hey Tai, im at a win/lose in my life. Because i bust my butt owning and operating my floor refinisheing business. i work 75- 80 hours a week killing myself, i make an ok living paying bills on time, take 1 vacation a year but have very little family time. i hate what i do everyday for the past 20 years. just so hard to read a book a day, study for a new business adventure and reaearch on a new investment. i am sick and tired of being sick and tired. dont know what to do. wish i had a friend like you to guide me.

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