SciShow Quiz Show: With the SciShow Space Reid Reimers!

Welcome to SciShow Quiz Show, where SciShow Space co-hosts Hank and Reid are back for another round! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ———- Dooblydoo …


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  1. Hank, if you give who ever got the question right 200 instead of the 100+ 100- that you currently do you don't take points away from the game and just keep adding them, it makes a difference in the bonus round in your case.

    btw, the same effect applies to the monopoly board game, if you're one of those people that do the whole "free parking pot", it fucks up the game economy

  2. at 8:46 i dont think it is b (dont monkeys do that?) it isnt c (thorny devil or horned toad do that. 1 of the 2) and it isnt a (i think there is a species of frog that does that, i remember something niknamed the wolverine frog (comic charactor not actuall animal) and i think it was because of that) so itmust be d (spitting cobras spit venom out of ther teeth, not spitting out their venomous teeth) again i havent seen the awenswer im just playing along and pausing to comment.

  3. at 2:35 its d because i remember in a book i read that it said 1 small factiod about them and other than this show, it was the only time ive heard of them. it stated : Centaurs- small rocky bodies that orbit between jupiter and neptune that cant decide if they want to be an asteroid or a comet" (yes that is what the book said i think, it was a while since i read it)

  4. Wait! So the Wolverine is part frog? As bad ass as breaking its own bones so sharp fractions come through the skin is, to then use as weapons, the Wolverine now sounds a little less bad ass

  5. I'm not going to watch the quiz shows anymore. It's bad enough having adverts at the beginning; having a 20 second advert in the middle aswell though!! I'm sick to death of all these adverts!

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