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Comments 25

  1. My grandpa and his girlfriend bought our whole family all hot dog toasters for Christmas a few years ago…. they drove to every Big Lots in a 100 mile radius to get enough of them! I took it to a white elephant and it smelled so toxic when we used it no one wanted to eat the hot dog with toxic cheap hot dog toaster fumes. Needless to say, we realized grandpa had nothing to do with these, his girlfriend that hated us instigated it.

  2. Thanks for another wonderful episode. I've been watching your vids for a while now and bought your SDP book and I've learned a ton of new stuff. I'm just getting back into taking my photography seriously after seeing the night-time pics that my son has been taking and have splashed out on my first mirrorless, the a6000.
    Thanks also for introducing me to Kyle, he's an exceptional young man and came across with such maturity. I chased up his site and was blown away by his images. At his age (about 50 years ago) I started working full time in the photography world – I'd just bought myself the iconic Minolta SRT101 and was doing black and white processing and specialist darkroom work for people. When I saw what Kyle is doing with colour digital I felt like I might just be a Model T Ford.

    And to Kyle, I see from other comments here that people have chopped you down a lot. From where I am here in Australia – the land of the 'tall poppy' syndrome – I've got nothing but respect for you as a photographer, as a presenter, and as a truly delightful person. You are a perfect fit for the Tony and Chelsea brand of humour which keeps me coming back for more.

  3. Yes, Kyle, I see the world in too much saturation. I believe everyone has their own internal "settings" and tries to make their photos match them. You are smart to ask others.

  4. Laughed so hard you cured my cold…cleaned out my chest congestion right quick. Love you guys…yes, the background is dated and nerdy. Nerdy OK, lose the dated. Pay attention to your facial skin tones…current one makes you both look a little "too" tan. You are in Connecticut, right?

  5. Hey Chelsea & Tony, big fan here checking in from Germany 🙂 Question: with iPhone camera apps such as Camera+ where you can adjust most camera settings manually, would there be any drawbacks for astrophotography? With a F1.8 wide angle lens, the hardware is pretty much ideal, isn't it?

  6. The picture with the mountain and star trail with the weird lighting (1:16:10) is probably due to the fact that the moon might be behind the photographer illuminated everything. That does look like moon glow.

  7. Hello!
    You are planning to buy a star tracker mount, but which type did you have in mind that woult actually work. Me myself have looked Vixen Optics Polaire Star Tracker Mount but its load capacity is only 1,5 kg

  8. Great video! As neowy10 said the 60Da is the astro version of the 60D. I think that the "50mm" is likely because the camera doesn't know what is attached to it i.e. perhaps a telescope. It happens to me when I used to use a bellows on my 60D. 🙂

  9. It would be much more helpful if you keep the screen on Lightroom during photo reviews so we can see camera settings and what Tony/Chelsea is adjusting rather than switching to webcam and face views. You guys look great but myself and many others doesn't need to be watching you talk when we can hear you. Keeping the screen on Lightroom would be way more professional.

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