Logic – Soul Food (Official Audio)

The official version of Logic’s “Soul Food” audio off his ‘Under Pressure’ album which is out now on Visionary Music Group / Def Jam. Produced by Alkebulan, DJ …


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  1. The thing about logic that I like is that hes a well rounded rapper. Most rappers either have good lyrics but shitty beats or mediocre lyrics but nice beats. However, logic has both a fire ass beat and some really good lyrics, which really makes him one of our generation's greatest rappers. Dude deserves way more credit.

  2. It's sickening that rappers like logic and j Cole get hate when their music tells suck a big story. most mainstream music is add libs, literally words put together to sound good. while they're praised for their "talent" logic and jcole are constantly getting hate.

  3. "while my other sister just went back to her old dude, he whooping her ass i kill em i kill em i kill i motherfucking kill em i said i really want to kill em but i cant, cause if i do po po gon claim im the villain but i aint" FUCK THAT SHIT HARD!! yo my G logic is a fucking beast props to my boy he keeps rocking this rap shiet shout out from CALI brothas!;)

  4. i wanna see a hour long video about logic going back to his old house and talking about where everything happened and what he did to practice rapping and where he wrote his first lyrics

  5. I used to hate Logic and think he was a bad rapper and shit, but I started to look at the lyrics and think about how deep they are. Honestly his music saves lives. His music makes me wanna get up and start my day tbh.

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