I TRIED FILM PHOTOGRAPHY (and I love it) | Abby Cole

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  1. My father was an avid casual photographer and had a brace of rollfilm and 135 film cameras. I started with a Rolleicord V, then graduated to the Leica IIIa. Those were the days when slide film was king, color negative film was secondary, and you learned about Photoraphy on black-and-white film. For 120 and 127 twin lens reflex cameras, that would be Verichrome Pan film. When I got to the Leica IIIa, it was time for narrow range slide film, Kodachrome II. Film processing was done via the drugstore, and one tried to figure out your progess via tiny 3 X 5 prints. I began to learn more about Photography when I began to process and print my own film and enlarged prints, but that was much later, at college.;)

  2. Welcome to the club! I've been shooting film longer than you can imagine. I've spent more time in darkrooms than you've been living! Literally! I shoot both digital and film, but still love film so much to this day. Keep at it and you'll find it's something that few people do which will give you an advantage when looking for work. Check out Opt/Tech straps. They'll work better if you feel you need to use a strap at all. I really haven't used straps in decades. They slow me down. Good luck! There are a lot of us out there who are willing to help you and others with film.

  3. My god, Those eyes… hahaha if you get the chance get yourself a twin lens reflex camera, they are challenging fun – Yashica is a pretty good brand but if you want to get fancy you know the brand everyone talks about haha (Film cameras they are always the cheap part, the problem is the film)

  4. You should definitely print your work. You should also look for a darkroom where they teach you how to develop your own film and print your own images. Its a lot of work, but its rewarding and fun to be involved in the whole process from shooting to developing to printing. You could also look into local one hour photo places. I know we have a few in the area I live in.

  5. Really enjoyed your video Abby! I hope you decide to stay with film photography as you go through your cinema studies! I think the images you showed here were wonderful and definitely a great start, your portraits and very lovely and events images of where you just pointed the camera at nondescript places like the backyard and so fourth are engaging and well composed. While you have some time this summer I might recommend checkin out a couple of YouTube channels that I hope you might find inspirational (if you haven't already seen them): Negative Feedback, Matt Day and Art of Photography (he deals with both film and digital and theres just TONS of great information there, I highly recommend this channel). Also be sure to check out Nick Exposed as well, he's very into 'zines and he's a really, really nice guy, you can ask him questions and he will respond. Theres also several others who are really great but I think of you, these would be a great place to start! I do hope that you continue to make videos on your film photography experiences and look forward to seeing more of your work!

  6. I got back to film a few years ago and I love it. Shooting a roll of film can turn into a journey and seeing the results is another level of fun. I find the process to be a form of therapy or meditation. I love wandering around looking for that one shot. I still shoot digital but it isn't enjoyable. It's more a necessary evil. So enjoy the film journey!

  7. Always love watching these videos from people trying film photography for the first time. When I just got out of high school, film was the only option. It sure is a different experience and the learning curve can be steep. But it's also fun to get in the Zen moment when you're shooting film.

  8. The AE-1 is a great first choice. Many high quality lens available for super low prices. Good build quality & durability. Good luck!
    Just remember, bigger number = less light available at film plane. Carry a small note pad or smart phone for exposure notes.

  9. Glad you liked shooting film 🙂 Get yourself an Epson V600 (or V550) to scan your negatives with. It'll save you a lot of money on printing/scanning costs) Have fun shooting!

  10. I started photography at a pretty young age and when I was in high school I carried a camera with me everywhere. This was in the 1960s. It's interesting how film is shot but it immediately gets scanned and everyone then works from the scanned images. The film is what is most valuable.
    Learn to print your negatives. That's when your photography will take off.

  11. I love this video! I am a film photographer and love everything about film! You should keep on shooting film. It will make your photography better! Also keep making more film videos! 🙂

  12. Ahh Abby! This is so refreshing! I actually work at a film lab called theFINDlab based out of Orem, Utah! We develop, scan and send you digital files back! Feel free to contact me if you want anymore information and welcome to the world of film!!

  13. Glad to see more younger photographers getting into Film!!! Way to go! I started out on film as a hobby before digital was around, but as a career I shoot digital and have been since. I recently got back into film and collect a lot of older cameras. Try using different types of films to experiment with. Some are a bit more expensive than others but it'll be worth it! Ektar 100 color film and Kodak Portra are great ones to use! Keep up the great work and keep shooting!

  14. film photographers are so laid back and taking their time making memories and quality photos…digital photographers in the other hand are all about fps (I have a digital camera because I have no access to develop any films)

  15. Film especially a manual film camera is a great way to get the basics nailed down. And the Canon FD glass is top notch too and the lens build quality is in general far superior to their newer EF/EOS models. I love shooting film myself and I find it makes shooting so much easier because everything except aperture and shutter speed are decided in advance with your choice of film so I don't worry about my settings and I don't have a DSLR constantly demanding my attention like a small child. So It allows me to have my entire focus on shooting and interacting with the people I am photographing.

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