Fox poll: 71% think Trump’s tweets hurt his agenda

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) and Great America Alliance co-chair Eric Beach on whether President Trump’s tweets are getting in the way of his agenda.


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  1. He said he doesn't watch the prog., although, clearly he must have. How has he got the time to watch anyway ? He's the President – if he gets upset by this type of thing, he's definitely in the wrong job. The pressure he's under is self inflicted – surely someone close has to be reining him in. Are they knowingly letting him unravel to take the pressure to save themselves when this thing hits the fan ?

  2. More fake polls by the media trying to sell access to the president. We don't need you to interpret the news and tell us what to think. Fox is as fake as the rest. The institution of the free press has been destroyed by their own hands. They wish to be the gate keepers to access to information and we don't need them. Get over yourselves and there might still be a place for you.

  3. I think the whole thing is hilarious that a tweet from Trump turns the whole media into a tailspin asking for his resignation, to the American people, it just makes him human as he cleverly shows once again just how myopically focused the media will grasp to anything that is Trump. Its comical. The idea that what is important isn't getting the focus in the media was demonstrated clearly by this nonsensical tweet, i think he demonstrated once again that the media will run down a rabbit hole by the road runner orchestrating and dangling the carrot. They grabbed the bait once again:) i love it. Keep it up, the outrage from the media is absolutely comical and they are being played and losing, so i love it. Does anyone really think that after all the crap Joe and Mika has said in what is a coma inducing state to listen to their drivel, has escaped Trump, no it has not, but CNN was the first to go down and he has set his sights on taking down the next epitome of " fake news". You watch everything he does has a purpose and this too will play out to the next media outlet getting unveiled!!!

  4. Yes, I think it is below the office of President! I don't care what anyone says to him. The President needs to show strength! So if Korea Kim insults him, is he going to get in a twitter war with him? That could quite possibly lead to a real war! Today we should have been talking about Kate and saying kind words to her family and friends. I love the update tweets, don't stop them! The "I know you are, but what am I" tweets have got to STOP!
    Mr President you need to be classy like the First Lady.

  5. ugly alien whore, standing there like she's really something! she and commie spy parents need to be booted OUT OF AMERICAS WH, WHY ARE THEY THERE,!!? SINCE WHEN DO WE ALLOW SPY'S COMMUNIST SPYS INTO WH!!!??? THROW THEM OUT SEND THEM BACK WITH "BAN" THEY QUALIFY TO BE SENT BACK TO UKRAINE!!

  6. The tweet was to punch her where it hurts-she is stupid and the looks are as phony as their hate from Trump considering they were trying to get a gig out of him. Facelift has so many meanings. She is done.

  7. No one cares about Joe and Mika, no one even knows whom they are and may i remind everyone that they have taken stupid pot shots at his kids and he is human but thankfully a 20 word tweet that ends up taking over the whole narrative of the media, doesn't understand that a man with boundless energy has indeed moved on as they sit twirling in the myopic focus of " Trump" and their outrage as everyone has moved on and just laughs at the hysteria of it.
    Its hilarious, no one cares about his outrageous tweets but the media and the leftists, does anyone think the voters care they absolutely do not, in fact they just laugh.

  8. No freedom of speech for the President? He can say whatever he wants, especially to the left and CNN. Just drop it FOX, you probably have better things to do than to stir up the left wing nut jobs.

  9. Fuck off with that radical white terrorist organization blue lives matter they are making fun of black people with that bluelivesmatter crap and these are crappy cops so fuck off about that shit plus when is the color blue is the color of someone else's skin tone because they based blacklivesmatter on the radical white jehad terrorisim that is going on in this County that is why black people say that blacklivesmatter because this County is very racist and Trump is making it even more racist and they do not care about blacklivesmatter except for the lives of black people slave minded and those ones are called well female are bewitch and the males are coons so yeah so do not ever tell me crap about the bluelivesmatter stuff because they are making fun of black people and the people who created that do not give a bullshit about police officers in general because it is when black people kill police because these dirty cops start the radical white American jihad terrorisim on them is when you guys create funerals and whatnot but yet when these white supremacist terrorist kill black police officers and white cops who hate the KKK and Neo Natzi' white supremacist terrorist motherfuckers like you and the media do not say are fucking word about it and they do not honor them and make funerals for them instead they slip it under the rug and they do it so well that those officers and there families have not voice only the ones starting radical white supremacist American jihad terrorisim with black people when they are killed they have a voice and people like you want to shut the fuckup when people like Colin Kapernick and Philip from the advise show TV expose this crap and when they take a stand for black people and stand for them so shut the motherfuck up you dam motherfucker and do ever talk about bluelivesmatter or support Donald Trump you motherfucker terrorist and those radical terrorist who are making fucking bluelivesmatter as a law are radical white supremacist terrorists who are going into war and starting there own Jihad with black people by the fucking way that health care bill will not hurt black men and black women and immigrants and other groups of people it will hurt white people only and those radical white supremacist terrorist at the end of the fucking day just warning you guys about that crap that mother fucking Wonald Wrump is doing.

  10. here's a new poll from "old white guy U". 95% agree with POTUS tweets and like them. We hear from our President. We love him and support him no matter what

  11. I didn't take that fake news poll. I loved the tweet. Morning Joe has been attacking the president for a while now, they have no right to cry foul. That's a cry-bully tactic. Attack attack attack – counterattack comes – cry cry cry.

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