Caught in a Lightning Storm – Landscape and Wildlife Photography Vlog

A photographic adventure that ends in some extreme shooting conditions. I start the day in Bempton Cliffs capturing some birds in flight and finish the day in Flamborough in a lightning storm. A Wildlife photography and landscape photography vlog.

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After many people enjoyed my vlog the other week that incorporated both landscape photography and wildlife photography I decided I would do it again. This time the day was to start RSPB Bempton Cliffs where there was a perfect opportunity to photograph some amazing Gannets on the Yorkshire coast cliffs.

I started with a rough plan to capture one bird in flight and also a portrait style shot of the bird sitting in, or near to, the nest. Gannets are relatively rare but in this location, at this time of year there are splendid, and numerous, opportunities to capture some good images. I managed to position myself for a few good compositions and came away with everything I needed.

Once we left Bempton, Lyle and I travelled a few miles South down the coast to the spectacular Flamborough Head. After a quick refuelling on some fish and chips we headed back out to capture some Landscape Photography. We had just enough time to get the DJI Mavic Pro drone up before the weather moved in. The British weather can never be relied upon, even in July and today was no different. The down pour started moments after the drone had landed and got progressively worse. At this point it was still forecast to clear up so we held out, hoping for clearer skies at sunset time. It never came. What did come was a pretty large lightning storm.

In the vlogs it is important to finish with a good image. Whilst this is often not the reality of a landscape photography shoot, it produces a much more satisfying climax to the film for me, and i think, for the audience. With this in mind, I was determined to get a great shot to finish with. I knew it was not going to be easy. With the total lack of interesting light and the fast approaching lightning, I had to work very fast and hard to find an interesting shot. Using the lighthouse as the focal point of my composition, I finished the day on a high, albeit a very wet one.

SAFTEY NOTICE – Lightning storms can be dangerous, especially in exposed landscapes. I, in no way recommend that you go out shooting in such conditions. Please be safe when shooting landscape photography.

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

My camera Canon 5D Mark IV. See the my gear page for a full list of my equipment.


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  1. Been to Bempton and Flamborugh many times, but you have given me some great ideas for composition, so I will have to go back again. Gannets are a great subject as they give an almost indignant expression to the camera..

  2. Hi Adam,
    First I would like to thank you for all your inspiring videos and all your tutorials.

    I wonder if you can help me with this.
    I want to open my own website to display my work online. I need to know how and what is the right size for my images.
    What is the right size can the image be to look good on Squarespace and not to look good when printed if it is stolen from my website ?
    I will really appreciate any help.
    Thank you again

  3. Every day the weather is a gamble and what a shame for you on this Vlog. All the same I have enjoyed it, the lighthouse shot is outstanding and this venue is now on my bucket list, so inspiring. I have also just clicked to follow you on Instagram 'dayvee16'. Looking forward to the next Vlog Adam.

  4. got one of my best seascape photos at flambourgh head would love to go to bempton cliffs only an hour and a half away from me as Well. Would love to see more wildlife stuff by the way 🙂

  5. Another great video Adam! thumbs up from me! Great to see all weather photography – that's the fun of it! Great info, tips and a lovely shot of the lighthouse – many thanks for sharing your work 🙂

  6. Good stuff mate – a great day out by the look of it! As many have said an awesome shot of the lighthouse and the 5D4 does cope well at higher ISOs. I've been happy with mine.

  7. wow, extreme Vloging, great work as always. The wildlife came across great again, when you nail a picture you nail it. Great shots of the birds

  8. I love your birds-in-flight shots, especially the one with the chicks with their beaks open ready for their next meal. The lighthouse shot is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! IMO, getting wet sure was worth getting that shot! (Easy for me to say, I wasn't the one out there getting soaked. lol!)

  9. Great video mate, I love going to back to locations I've photographed before to try and seek out new perspectives. There's always something different you can find. The weather was certainly different on this occasion, while clearly providing some challenges, made for some awesome shots . The image of the lighthouse was fantastic, loved that beam of light with the dark clouds in the background.

  10. I like your Northern Gannet shots at lot. Not sure why you were knocking them. You do the best you can with what you've got, with wildlife, as with landscape. I'm glad you decided to mix the two…I think they work well together.

  11. Wow, congrats for persevering, and risking life and limb in a lightening storm. The lighthouse image is beautiful, ISO 3000 or not! Just fantastic!!!!
    And, No need to say "amateurish"! Those BIF look really nice to me! Sharp detail eyes, with cool context provided as well. Good job!

  12. Loved the image of the lighthouse at the end, the gannet images were good as well, all in all I'd say a good day out despite the good ole British summer!!

  13. Been a great weekend for viewing. Had Paul G Johnson, Thomas Heaton, now your own release Adam making this an image fest. The Lighthouse image was terrific and dont put yourself down regarding the wildlife side of things as your images today were great too and certainly you will keep taking this up to different levels. I hope that camera was on a composite material, hate you think youre out there as a walking talking lighting rod 🙂

  14. have you got or ever use a camera cover to help protect from rain weather.

    I have to say with a small 3 inch screen you cant really tell in bad weather what your pictures look like its always a nice when you get home to find a picture you thought is not going to be good has turn out pretty dam good.
    hope you carried some spare clothes in the car so not having to drive home soaking wet.

  15. love the gannet images not bad for an amateur lol . the lighthouse paid of as well ,Must be happy with that considering the dreadfull conditions the british summer can throw at us photographers well done

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