Best Fails of the Month – January 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation

We close out the month with a brand new monthly compilation of the BEST FAILS of January 2017. Selection includes stupid stunts caught on tape, snow fails, …


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  1. Not much variety… Couple clips re-used, some old clips in there.
    Just rope swings, kids falling down and girls dancing in their bedroom :/

  2. watching all these drunk assholes destroy peoples stuff is the reason I stopped inviting people over, they're all friends until you ask them to pay for your glass table they shattered while drunk…you never hear from them again

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  4. Why is everyone getting pissed that the person who uploaded this reused videos? They're fail videos. They're not original content from a YouTuber. It's easy YouTube money for people who upload compilations like this because none of the videos are actually theirs, and because fail videos by nature are sort of like clickbait. Don't subscribe to them thinking that they're going to bring you fresh and original content. Turn adblock on, and just watch. It's not that big of a deal. There's hundreds of other fail video uploaders to watch.

    Also, at 3:01 what mother or responsible adult would in their right mind let their child intentionally throw themselves down a flight of stairs?

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