50 Cent on Drake’s Music & Chris Brown | MTV News

50 Cent explains that he’s a big fan of Drizzy’s music and calls Chris Brown this generation’s Michael Jackson. Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC More …


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  1. Your all bringing in success with MJ and CB but 50 means in terms of talent. Name one artist besides CB that can match MJ? Just one. Theres none. Not even Usher or JT. If Chris went through so much trouble in his career and still manages to be one of the most successful artists then imagine how much bigger he would be without the past trouble. your all scared to admit that Chris is one of the all time greats, but you will appreciate him when he's gone. Take my word!
    I'm really positive that 50 has more knowledge about music than all off you lot.

  2. I still find it unbelievable that so many people ACTUALLY think that CB is on MJ level do these people not understand or are they just trolling?

    People talk about if Chris Brown hadnt hit Rihanna he wouldve been considered on the same level…..if Michael Jackson hadnt been hounded and absolutely hammered by the media from for 20 years through everything that nigga went through then right now as in today…He would have been considered the Greatest Artist of ALL Time.

    You wanna talk about music genre? he started it of with as a kid and topped the charts from the 60's to 00's for 4 decades. From bubblegum pop, to soul, he rode the disco era in the 70's with off the wall, Rnb, new jack swing, gospel, hip-hop, rock, ballads even incorprated some heavy metal into his late 90's music. No other artist has had hits for 40 years through changing musical trends and covered so many music genres but still had no1's in each decade.

    Then you get to performance, The Jacksons raised the stakes for what Live concerts were. Type in Jamie foxx on MJ let him explain how The jacksons changed the game, they took concerts to another level introducing all kind of techno shit into their victory tour.

    You go to music videos, before MJ a music video was just someone miming their song in a nice background. He popularised group dancing that we see in every video today complety changed the game with all the videos from Thriller then when everyone tried to catch up he upped it again with his videos from Bad. Now you see everyone copying his blueprint.

    You get to dancing, we all know he didnt "invent" the moonwalk but it was him who populrised the moonwalk and the robot. He bought the robot to the world attention on "dancing machine" and the moonwalk at motown 25. Now you got backup dancers for beyonce and all the arrtists who were inspired to become dancers by MJ.

    Speaking of influence how many artists has he influenced and not just in rnb, but in other genres not just black rnb artists and hop artists but white rock bands like fall out boy ffs. 

    We not even spoken about singing and vocal ability guy could go from smooth clean vocals like "ben & human nature" to protest songs like "they dont care about us" that is an unmatched vocal ability.

    Album sales. The guy has: The Biggest Selling Album of All Time, The Biggest Selling Remix Album of All time, The Biggest selling New Jack Swing Album of All Time, The Biggest Selling Double Disc Album of All Time. Before Thriller, Off The Wall was the Biggest Selling Album by a Black Artist of All Time (at the age of 21)

    We could go on and on because MJ had it all, everything!  if it wasn't for bad press and some bad decisions he wouldve had even more. Now I hope that we will see another artist like MJ again in my lifetime, a guy that could take things to the next level, I really do… but please do NOT tell me Chris Brown is even half the level MJ was, just dont.,

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