2016 MINI Cooper Clubman Car Review

Looking for the unique flavor of a British-built six-door vehicle with a 3-cylinder engine? MINI obliges, but it will cost you. Tom Voelk reviews the base MINI …


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  1. Thanks Tom. Enjoyed your review, simple and to the point! I'm looking at getting one here in the UK. Trying to make up my mind between a petrol and diesel version, and of course, staying away from all those options!

  2. Having worked in a Euro Premium car repair shop as a desk guy as my first job I saw so many MINIs in there. The build quality isn't there and they fall apart so fast. I can't begin to say how many single moms I saw bring their MINIs in for control arm replacements. I've heard the newer ones aren't better.

    That build quality combined with the need for premium gas, the diminished cargo space, not so great fuel economy, and insane price tag would lead me to skip the Clubman and go straight its most natural rival, the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen. Really the only advantage the Clubman has on it is the available all wheel drive on all trims.

  3. Like a good whore, BMW charges for every option. But seriously, a 3-cylinder? I do not need a V8, I am quite fine with a 4-banger, but I will not stoop to three pots. Also, I don't see a practicality of split rear doors, and even my fridge allows to close them in any order.

  4. I like Mini and the Clubman but it's a horrible value at $35k for a 3 cylinder with popular options there's everything from the Audi Q3 to the Volvo V60 on the small luxury side and Chevrolet Traverse to Toyota Highlander on the mainstream side. And don't forget Mini's own cheaper Mini Cooper 4dr.

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