10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

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  1. the fotagge when the viedo talks about framco is from republican politicians and militatns, the same one who fought franco on the civil war.

  2. Please make videos that are true, of course you can speak spanish in Cataluña, and it is not different from Spain, every autonomous community has its own things and culture.
    Nobody sleeps between 2pm and 5pm , hardly at weekend.

  3. #4 is enough for me to Classify this video as dogshit. Catalonia, Catalunya or Cataluña is an autonomous Community, but every single squared meter of land in Spain is part of one? so its nothing special. You have no idea, in Barcelona the public opinion is an overwhelming "no" to indepedence, people speak castellano (common Spanish) in Barcelona and in the whole catalonia 52% want to stay

  4. It is funny to listen an Anglo-saxon person saying that Spain is famous because of the mass murders of indigenous population, as you say in the video. First of all, you just have to visit any Spanish former colony to realize that is not true at all. On the other hand, you just have to visit the US, Australia, etc. to see what Anglo-saxons did with indigenous population. Were are the US native people?
    Everything you say in the video about Spanish Empire is bullshit, I feel that you hate the Spanish Empire. I would like to know why, because everything you say is negative and bullshit as I said before.

  5. Fact 4 is not really true, although Catalan is the most spoken language in Spain any one below the age of 30 or so knows how to speak spanish as it is mandatory for students to learn it and the only people that would get mad would probably be the older generation

  6. There is any image where Franco appears, in those images appear the communists and his president (the president of the II Spanish Communist Republic) manuel Azaña. I recomend you change it. Arriba España

  7. I'm so sorry, but there are so many things that just aren't true in this video… Siesta isn't really that radical. Actually, only some business in the very south of Spain close because of it, and for a much shorter period of time. It is not rude to speak spanish in Cataluña. It just isn't. A lot of people speak catalan, yes, but a lot of people speak spanish too, and only the most nationalist​ people would get offended if you talked to them in spanish. By the way, you know that there are other autonomous communities that what independent as much as Cataluña, right? Like Euskadi, for example? A region in the north whit it's own unique culture and the oldest language in Europe, which by the way, is an isolated language, meaning that it is not only not part of the Indo-European family, but it's more ancient than all the Indo-Eropean languages? No? Honestly….

  8. As a Spanish I am I have to complain because some of the facts that are explained in the video are false.
    For example Catalonia or the black legend,which is false.
    Sorry for my english because I don't speak it correctly yet. Correct me if I have any mistakes please 🙂

  9. Actually, siesta was a sistem in the farmlands when you would stop working becouse of the intense sun and do it later, wich implies waking up earlier to make up for the lost hours of labor.

  10. They keep talking of mass murder of indigenous populations by the Spaniardas but if you go to Mexico you can see a lot of people with indigenous features while in the US almost anybody. So, who massacrated the indigenous populations?

  11. Se te olvidó decir que todos los hombres vestimos de toreros y las mujeres de flamencas, desayunamos, almorzamos y cenamos paella todos los días, en la oficina nos tomamos nuestras buenas dos o tres horas para la siesta, oh, y que, por supuesto, Azaña NO es Franco

  12. stop!! please!! stop saing that all catalans feel the same way about the rest of Spain. It is a political issue, the people in catalonia are divided on that issue, so don't say that all catalans want the independence, because it is not true, actually there are a few more that are against. Im the grand son of catalans and Im against, so stop saying false things about our country that has a complicated 500 years of history.

  13. Why do strangers ALWAYS speaks about the independence of Catalonia as ALL OF US, the CATALANS want it. I'm catalan and I'm Spain. Of course Catalonia is different from the rest of Spain, as well as Andalusia, Euskadi, Galicia, Cantabria, Canary Islands…. In Catalonia, especially in the Barcelona Province we speak mostly Spanish. Fuck you stupid strangers who talks without know anything, only what the TV says.

  14. I always speak spanish in Catalunya , and never have any problem and never see a place where they think is rude to speak spanish , about Catalunya wants to be independent from Spain , not 100% truth . The government wants that , the people maybe only a 25% , that why they are not .

  15. It's cool but you are wrong about certain things.

    -Spanish "states" are called autonomous communities, not just Catalonia, but all 17 regions are the same, just like California, Texas, New York…
    -Galicia, Valencia, the Basque Country… All have their own language as well, all of Europe had these regions, the difference is we kept the differences alive. Occitan, Breton… in France. Genoese, Venetian… in Italy. The difference is those regional differences disappeared, we encouraged them for certain political reasons.
    -Spanish is more widely spoken in Catalonia than Catalan, that's according to official data, you can go search for it. Also at least half the population in Catalonia are against independence, you just portrayed this as some kind of unanimous will, when the situation in this sense is closer to that of Scotland.
    -We had a massive crisis, yes. As of 2017 (when you posted the video) unemployment is 18% (France is 11%, Italy… it's all over the Eurozone, not just Spain), our youth unemployment is now around 40% (we are recovering, that's why data from 2 years ago is a not up to date), in Europe, this is around 30% on average, so again there's some lack of information. You just picked the numbers and didn't put them in context.

    About the ineptitude and corruption of the Habsburgs, I agree haha so nothing to say there.

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