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What’s in my camera bag? My Spring 2017 Fuji Wedding Photography Kit. – Viral Trends

What’s in my camera bag? My Spring 2017 Fuji Wedding Photography Kit.

A quick run-through of the Fuji camera gear I take to every wedding.
Find me online: http://www.photographyEB.com
Find me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/ericbrushettphotography/
Find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ericbrushettphotography/

Fuji XT2: http://a.co/4Wh7607
Fuji XT1: http://a.co/aTQAYyv
Fuji Xpro1: http://a.co/gmjotn2
Fuji XF 23 f1.4: http://a.co/89AIrhC
Fuji XF 35 f1.4: http://a.co/3HeCJFJ
Fuji XF 35 f2: http://a.co/iXVg3cu
Fuji XF 56 f1.2: http://a.co/a1ZhiGP


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Comments 26

  1. Fabulous video Eric! Really needed a video on the settings and pushing the cameras to it's limits. We just got the Fuji XT2, 3 days ago with the kit lens(mind you the marketing of Fuji in India is horrible, and we bought like a last box remaining in one of the stores) and loving the out of camera JPGs. Have a query for you, there is a decent amount of skin smoothening and wax effect on skin textures at high ISOs. Mostly visible at 1:1 view. Is there a possibility for a workaround to this issue? Subscribed to your channel cause your style of expressing your views is amazing. Cheers, Vinod

  2. Hey Eric, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your knowledge – also subscribed… it is worth it! I also switched from Nikon to Fuji half a year ago, but still have my X-T1, 16 1.4, 35 1.4, 56 1.2 and 90 2.0. But I wonder how you do your metering on a wedding? Do you find the time for making everything manually? And how about your flash lighting setups? Yeah, of course manually – but how do you find your right setting for flash power? I mean all of this in busy situations like a wedding seems pretty hard to me. And Fuji's auto metering does a good job in my opinion. What is your experience on that?

  3. You sound like the exact wedding photographer as me, I shoot 35 and 85 on a xpro2 and xt2 with X100f as back up (i'm in Australia so no competition, plus it's a side job). I like your tip about the lighting gear, you think the same way as me it seems, can I ask if you have to hold it or can you position the lighting tool (gun?) down and how would you angle it if so? Immediately subscribed.

  4. Respect.
    Finally a video that talks photography and shows great samples against the gear used, contrary to some that goes on and on blabbering about the gear and the 'expertise' on technicalities nobody needs to know in order to take great photos. Great job man! Subscribing now 🙂

  5. This is a great,and inspiring video. I see your work is very very nice. Question for you, I've been looking at the Fuji X100S, T, or F. Wondering… if you are going to dedicate one lens (23mm) to a cam, why not just get the X100? It's an f1.2 and very easy to sling over your shoulder. I am shooting the X-t10 looking for glass, but keeping the x100 in radar. Especially a used one from ebay, just to get to know it better. Thank you for considering a reply.

  6. Cool, down to earth video. Enjoyed it. My wedding set up is xt2/56, xt1/16 and x100f (this last one is obviously a new addition). Before I had the 23f1.4 and 35f1.4. I bought a used x100s awhile back with teleconverter. I liked it so much that I sold the 23 and 35 to buy x100f. With the teleconverter I have 23 and 35 covered, plus it gave me a 3rd body.
    I do a lot of street photos and portrait work too. So for the last month it's pretty much been xt2/56 and x100f. My xt1 has just sat there for quite awhile. If the 16 wasn't so good and needed in tight places, I'd prob sell it with the xt1 and just get the wide converter for x100f.

  7. Great video. I'm a new Fuji X-T2 user. For right now I will be shooting with a mixed system. I still have my Nikon D810. Looking forward to watching more content from you. I also subscribed to make sure I don't miss a video.

  8. thanks so much for this!! I am very blessed to have this 35 year career as a wedding photographer with some commercial and pros sports work as well!! I have shot Canon since day one when i used them in high school and got my first Canon A-1 from JC Penney after shooting for a month for the local newspaper using those high school cameras since i had a teacher that just seemed to know this was where my life was headed! I got published every week for a month and saving those paychecks i was able to get that camera and the 50 1.8 lens!! All these years started to really take a toll on my body lugging all this gear around my neck and lifting bags in and out and up on things so i moved to a holster system a few years ago and that helped but i knew i was loosing my excitement for the weekend weddings since my body was tired and in all honesty i was i felt stuck in what i was shooting every weekend even though the couples were different some of the venues were the same. I had picked up the Fuji x100 a few years ago for my daily life coverage and started snapping some images at weddings especially in the early part of the day and i thought why wont these Fuji work on weddings….fast forward to the XT1 and now the XT2 and last year i vowed that i was going to be at least 50-50 for my weddings in 2017 and with each wedding keep adding more % of Fuji so that by 2018 i would be 100% Fuji. In Feb i started selling off the Canon gear as i could see it was loosing value and as long as i kept one full body and my 16-35 85 and 70-200 and flashes i could use the sale funds to get more lens. Now i have XT1 and XT2 and the 16-55 the 35 1.4 that i am not thrilled with but i do love the 50 2.8 and i have the 90 the kit lens helped me so much last year and truth is does almost as good as the 16-55 but that was my workhorse lens in Canon days for weddings so that fit for me is muscle memory and yes it big but its the only big and by the time i get to reception popping on one of these smaller lens has my body doing the happy dance and i am finding that i am falling back in love with being a photographer and the angles with the viewfinder is fabbo on wedding days. I love seeing someone like you who works full time at this profession share your insights and how and why you choose what you are doing and NOT being a paid spokesperson, thought Fuji would be lucky to have you. Another XT2 is on my list when i go 100% so by years end then i am really thinking of the combo you are using and unloading some some of the Fuji glass…..as it sits i can use the XT1 with the smaller lens and the 23 really has my interest and i also kept the 35 1.4 in case of a lens fail but really not happy with that and i have the repeat in the 16-55 not in f stops but in lens coverage. I am leaning towards the 16 1.4 in the mean time till i get the 2ns body and then selling the 16-55 and wait to see if there is a new 23 1.4 version!! Again, thanks for the bag video and i look forward to keeping up with you on this journey!

  9. Nice video! The Yashica did it for me, I thought you only had it for decoration, or hobby at most. But delivering wedding photos with it is really special. Subscribed and looking forward for your future content.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience and great images! I noticed that your images are really clean with low noise. May I know if you use any noise reduction when you process the jpeg or raf files?

  11. Really nice video Eric, I am a Nikon Shooter for many years, bought the XT2, Grip and 23mm 1.4 r and extremely happy with it, but I still miss the DOF from the Full Frame, and in low light I still struggle with the XT2 comparing my Nikon D750! Does any of your clients ever complain about the grain on some photos, by my eyes it´s pleasant! But from the point of view of the client who nows whats on their mind! Do you explain before the wedding that it may happen you give them some grainy photos ?
    Thanks in advance, and keep those videos coming! Already subscribed 😉

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