Top 10 NEW Features in SPLATOON 2!! (Nintendo Direct Reveals July 2017)

Splatoon 2 is right around the corner, and we got a TON of new information today on the upcoming Switch game from the dedicated Nintendo Direct. Here’s our …


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  1. My little sisters name is Marina, we thought we would never see another person named that. I guess video game characters are magic. Also Teem Creem

  2. dear switch force,
    I'm extremely sorry for your situation… I now see why you use click bait, you are with Machinima. I dearly hope that one day, maybe soon, maybe years away, you overcome this dreadful situation and sign with a new network. That day will be a day of glory and prosperity for all mankind. Good Luck and may the gods of YouTube be with you.

  3. Why don't you guys show the footage of what you're talking about at the same time you mention it? Also, yes, jump camping happens ALL THE TIME! Jeez, someone doesn't play splatoon

  4. pearl has teeth! if you start up the demo and get to inkopolus go the the window on the right she's talking to marina and you can zoom in to see she has teeth with ZR I think the video that was released was unfinished and they forgot to render her teeth also #teammarina #thefourthedge

  5. Here is a tip for everyone running a gaming channel.
    If you want views it's really quite simple.
    Put Marina in your thumbnail.
    You should have about 100,000 subs in a few months.

  6. I agree… i honestly dont like any cake. On birthdays,i literally ask for the smallest piece, on my birthday, the closest thing ill have to a cake is a chessecake and does that really even count?

  7. Callie and Marie had a VERY close splatfest. Pearl will NOT have or be given even the slightest chance and the results will end up with a gap bigger than the sun's size. They really should've worked on her design more.

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