Raw Food Diet Bento Box Meal Prep!

The Bento Boxes on Thrive Market are already up to 30% off retail. Click http://thrv.me/FullyRawKristina1m20pe and get an extra 20% off your first purchase + …


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  1. I have been using thrive market since January. I have been loving it! I have been spending less on groceries. My meals have been more organized and planned out since I put more thought into the ordering process than I would mindlessly wandering through a brick and mortar store. I also love that they give back so much to those in need. They have recently added a section on the checkout where you can donate a dollar amount percentage of your order to the families who get the free membership. They are awesome! Items arrive quickly and intact. Awesome selection, they have so much more than just food.

  2. i have to wonder what your response would be to someone like me who suffers from IBD.
    all these vegans claiming that veganism heals you and fits everybody perfectly. I can't digest raw fruits or veggies, beans, lentils, fiber and legumes. some peoples diet needs to include animal protein and low fruit and veggie content. live and and let live without all the preaching.

  3. this is week 2 of raw and vegan. Im a big guy, and im always unsatisfied with my meals. I gave to eat until im stuffed. Then one hour later, i wanna eat again. Am i sick or is it normal?

  4. HELP!!! Im highly allergic to all tree nuts and i wanted to know if there was another seed or something that i could use in place of cashews when making vegan dairy products? Soy also makes me break out so im in a but of a pickle. I want to go raw so bad because i feel like being veagn with so many restrictions is almost idiotic and clogging my body so i really want to try going raw, im just trying to do all the research i can first. Any suggestions? also, good subs for almond butter?

  5. Hey Kristina! I love you channel so inspiring! I have been watching your past videos too!

    Ive noticed in this video that you look like you are retaining water, or puffyness/inflammation especially in your arms and face. Are you gaining weight? I am just wondering if you are ok.

    Thank you! #eatmoresalad ?

  6. We've got to skip the juices. Yes, it has lots of nutrients but our bodies aren't designed to consume juice and refined sugar. Just eat the whole fruit! The sugar is bound to fiber. The fiber is just as essential a nutrient as anything due to the importance of the byproducts and environment produced by our good bacteria when fed by fiber. Every chance we miss to eat fiber is detrimental to our health, in my opinion. Juice is nice, but it isn't anything close to the actual, real, whole, RAW FOOD. I don't know where people got the idea that juices are raw. You are literally dissecting nutrients from one another. Juice is an unhealthy version of fruit like oil is an unhealthy version of nuts, seeds, olives, and avocados. Why would you skip the awesome whole, natural, RAW package?

  7. In no way are those three boxes and two juices anywhere near enough calories. Not only is the lunch box extremely high in fat, but the entire day's worth of food looks like about 1000 calories. She should be recommending AT LEAST double that amount of food.

  8. I enjoyed your video but I was really turned off that you are promoting a company that sells and boldly advertises beef bone broth. Very sad because I literally watched cowspiracy last night. ?

  9. You may have addressed this before, I am new to your channel. I am type 2 diabetic. Everything you make looks soooo delicious, and healthy, but for me the amount of sugar, even natural, in the fruit would be too much. Have you made suggestions in the past, or I'm interested in what you'd suggest.

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