News: Minecraft for Oculus Rift Canceled Due to Facebook Acquisition

Rift-compatible version of Minecraft isn’t happening due to Facebook acquisition.


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  1. In my mind Facebook + Oculus = Good.
    There will be a much greater expansion of VR with the Facebook Bank backing this, and that I think we can all agree is good, of course there will surely be a trade off with suddenly having Facebook marketing / applications stamped all over the Oculus Rift, but in general I think this is a fair trade. What really concerns me is the precedence this will set for future Kickstarters suddenly having a company coming in and refocusing the goals and aspirations of what a collective had previously deemed worthy of dropping money on, because a single big player has come in and dropped a much larger amount of cash.

  2. Facebook is a company and just as any other company they only want to make money, but this is bullcrap. As if dear Mark Suckerburg wouldn't have enough money, he now want's to enter gaming industry too! I'm pretty sure facebook wants to become another gaming-company like Microsoft with the X-Box, Sony with Playstation, Nintendo with Wii…etc.etc.
    Facebook just fucks everything up it touches, so even thought they said it wouldn't change the oculus at all, I think they should just stay as facebook and not buy any other successfull companys.
    Heck, just look at the stock prices! They instantly went down when they bought oculus rift! It should be pretty clear, especially after that whats app-drama, that soytumers aren't very happy with facebook buying other companys.

  3. So Minecraft for Rift is canceled, just because Facebook is buying Oculus? 
    That has to be the lamest excuse i have ever heard. 
    That is like my TV is lame, just because i moved it from the living room to the bedroom. 
    My respect for Notch is decreasing. 

  4. Facebook just wanted the rift because they wanted to start gaming they saw how much money sony made from the ps4 they knew they have to do something or els Facebook will shut down in a few year like MySpace they saw that everyone love Minecraft so they bought rift so can put minecraft on vr so they could start making money that was there plan but Markus kill there plan I am really happy that he did that because Facebook not a gaming company Facebook is but hurt

  5. I thought he would have cancelled it because Facebook enforced some onerous requirements on Oculus devs. But the way he put it, he just sounds like a massive douche. Doesn't he care about his customer base?

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