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  1. See the libtards vote poorly on Trump but they like how everything is going since he became president is, they will talk Trash about him even tho they like what he's doing.

  2. why is big nose always at the play by play board like Coach Imokay in the ocker room at half time? the poll he's talking about are already out of date and are only an instantaneous pulse of whats going on and he talking like we should take this to the bank regarding short term conditions….

  3. If President Trump accomplish just 70% of what he promised during the campaign, he will be the greatest president in US history. Deregulation, build the wall, cut taxes, 3-4% GDP, deport illegal immigrant criminals, beef up our defense, and demolishe political correctness. Thank God we have President Trump… America will be back to normal again. Fuck dickhead Obama and all the Democrats! Conservatives are winning!!!

  4. Thanks Obama, 8 years of momentum keeps moving America in a healthy direction . Good to know that 90 days hasn't completely ruined it yet!
    Can we see the charts again for stock markets under each party's control?
    Just so Americans can know what to expect to happen to the economy now, cause rich people need mo money?

  5. I will say America is doing badly but not because of Trump. It's because of liberal populated areas like California and New York who have useless police, useless judges, useless politicians, useless journalsim, useless media and useless people. Nobody knows how to do their job because nobody ever told them how so they try to blame it on someone else. They're a bunch of children and always will be at this point. they're just raising a new generation of anti-American idiots.

  6. CNN sucking more donald dick, we need a news station that will not forget about the horrific things this man has done and continues to do, and call his shit what it is until he is impeached. Giving in to the pressure is a coward ass move

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