Mazda RX8 car review – Top Gear – BBC autos

The Top Gear team put the Mazda RX8 through its paces! Watch the official full video in high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit …


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  1. I've looked at this car a lot over the last while and it's always seemed the perfect option for me, a sporty coupe with proper rear seat accessibility for the family. The only thing stopping me is there are a lot of people saying this car needs to be constantly filled with engine oil and dies by 100K. What do you lot have to say?

  2. It has a 1.3 but drinks gas literally like a Mac dump truck. Also the engine needs to be overhauled at 80K max. Some owners had 4 engines before 100K on RX8 club forums thanks to low compression (apex rotor tip seals). It also floods if shut down before a proper warm up. At least Mazda fessed up…extended the warranty due to complaints. Nice car if you swap in an LS. If you keep the motor change the coils every 30K because a failing coil can lead to another rebuild.

  3. How about getting an RX-8, second hand which you can find in pretty good condition for under 2000 pounds (at least what I've seen) and swap the engine with like an Audi TT engine. If the whole thing costs around 5000 punds, isn't that just the greatest thing to own?

  4. ITS A 1.3L AND IT WASTE MORE FUEL THAN A CAMARO 5.0L. also burns oil because rotary… and by the time it will produce low compression. it has several problems starting if the weather is cold and also the rotors can spin in the wrong way.

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