Landscape Photography – Bracketing Exposures with ND Filters in the Lake District | 10000 Subs

In this Landscape Photography vlog, I celebrate the channel’s milestone of 10000 subscribers. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, comments and shared.

A year ago I started the channel to document my photography journey and share my approach to taking landscape images. The project has now turned into something much bigger. Together we have created a community where I can engage with people that are as passionate about photography as I am.

Your feedback, support, willingness to share your story and passion for photography motivates me to make more videos.

I share some extra footage from my adventure in the Lake District where I capture images in the harsh daylight be bracketing the exposure. I also use a polariser and ND Filters to reduce the light.

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  1. 10,000! Ok, you have me scratching my head and you gave us a hint about how you did it at the end, but how did you make the drone video of the water and the writing in the sand? It's the first tine I have seen something like that,

  2. As an awakening landscape guy, I appreciate your real-world breakdown of the process of making beautiful landscape pictures. It's just what I need right now. Well done, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations Andrew on reaching this milestone. Started watching you when you teamed up with Adam. You take awesome pictures. Love them. Also I like your description of your camera setup. It helps me with my setup. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congrats on 10k subscribers Andrew! My observation is that the use of graduated ND filters and polarizer makes the sky unnaturally dark blue and uneven from side to side and top to bottom. Does that concern you? Wouldn't it be easier and more realistic to expose for the sky and then expose for the foreground and combine them in post processing? In my experience this leads to a more realistic image closer to reality. Cheers!

  5. 10000 subscribers is a testament to your ability as an inspiring passionate photographer mate
    your dedication and style is what keeps us coming back to see more of your work, you have teamed up with other dedicate passionate people here in Australia and overseas , to share and teach, fine work Andrew, Ben and Adam, I enjoy all you postings, appreciate all your tips, yes mighty fine indeed , cheers

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