GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Gunrunning DLC

GTA Online: Gunrunning Tips & Tricks – How to make money with Bunkers A complete guide on how to make the most money possible with the new business …


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  1. Anybody remember when the most expensive car in GTA online was the Adder (buggati) for 1 million. Back when playing online was worth it. Now I'm suppose to pay $10 a month to be broke and not be able to enjoy the game? Fuck that.

  2. I rig my controller to move in circles before I go to sleep with a full supply bar then wake up half way through the night restart then bam easy money when you schleep

  3. Hello Gary ! I am a big fan of all you guys from GTA SV , keep up the good work! I have a question for the new DLC – If I have a bunker with all upgrades (equipment,staff,security) and I want to buy a new bunker will these 3 upgrades transfer to my new bunker ? or will I have to buy them again

  4. First of all, great video as always, straight to the point, clear and interesting. That said, this is just another shitty cash-grab DLC. Rockstar has been my favorite videogame developer for more than 15 years but every time a new DLC comes out my trust in them goes down.
    It is so painfully obvious how they're trying to squeeze you of GTA money every second you play this game so you may be willing to buy shark cards… the insistence of Agent 14 calling you and messaging you is the best example. I fucking know there is a new DLC, I've seen it in Facebook, I've seen it on the 5 minutes loading screen, I've seen the guy on a flying bike throwing rockets at me and after the first ten calls from Agent 14 it was crystal clear to me. Leave me the fuck alone.
    And the fucking time-walls that can be bypassed paying? What the fuck? I thought I was playing a fucking full-priced console game (that I have bought twice btw), not some shitty mobile phone Candy Crush like game.
    Anyways, fuck GTA Online I only play it when I'm doing other things on my computer. I just join a heist room, and do my shit between waiting for loading screens, people to join in and crossing the whole fucking map to start the actual mission.

  5. I hated import export payouts but I don't mind gunrunning payouts because it's a $1,050,000 passive income payout. Doing the bunker along side a cocaine and meth business all fully upgraded is $1,777,000 and you don't need to be there while any of your stock is being made.

    What I do to make money is make sure all 3 of my passive income businesses are resupplied while I steal 3 crates at a time for my crate warehouse and then after I collect those crates I'll start a headhunters, sightseer or executive search mission via the interaction menu and make the money back that I spent on buying the crates with about a $5-7,000 profit from each crate and headhunters mission. Since I have a medium warehouse I can hold up to 42 crates making about a $42,000-$63,000 profit off of each time I fill up my warehouse meaning I didn't really lose any money from filling up my crates.

    42crates/3crates at a time=14steal missions and 14 headhunter missions

    Spending $18,000 on crates at a time make it so I make about $3,000 profit each headhunters mission.

    $3,000×14=42,000 profit from each full warehouse.

    If you have a small warehouse it would be more beneficial for you to do one crate at time and then start a headhunters after every single mission making it so you make the most money possible off of doing very little then you'll get 250k for selling the crates warehouse and you're doing all of this whilst you're bunker/cocaine/meth business are making you stock.

    Just trying to help people who are struggling with making money get a little bit for themselves.

  6. ;-; Got raided yesterday and had fucking disarm bombs THE FUCKING NUMBERS? "NUMBERS" HACKING FUCKING HARD KILL YOUR SELF ROCKSTAR I SICK OF THAT STUPID SHIT It like this there always that smart ass at rockstar "oh gotta add them where they get raided and put bombs on trucks" ;-;

  7. To avoid the staff costs, simply launch a mission (I prefer Pier Pressure). Go to your apartment or office, and make your character watch the tele. As long as your character is active in a mission, the game won't charge you the staff costs nor the daily utility charges, but your bunker will still produce products you can sell later on. I do this all the time, and it's brilliant. Also works great if your a dodgy player and wanna avoid the bad sports lobby, only that in this case, get inside a vehicle, and leave your character be with the wheels turned at all times. Alternatively, open the inventory and simply let your character scroll through into eternity.

  8. Ive only done 20 sales exactly. This way of earning money is too slow for me. I dropped 20 mil on this dlc only to be bored two days later. Just a tip if u see someone sending invites to their biker club take em.

  9. In a year or 2 Gta online is gonna be like red Dead multiplayer, filled with hackers and modders and rockstar won't care because they're gonna be focusing on red Dead 2

  10. Honestly idgaf if this comment gets likes or whatever but i just have to say this channel has everything: no-nonsense walkthroughs, info vids, & guides done so professionally, you name it… all without that clickbait bs targeted towards gullible 10 year old nihilists that populate the servers. This team is so well organized and deserves so much more recognition it frustrates me. If there were more channels like this then the gta online community would be infinitely more tolerable and easier to cooperate with. Thx gtaseriesvideos

  11. the payout for guns is absolutely pathetic, 1,050,00 for a full cache of weapons. It takes 12 hours nearly and all the while you are being charged 9400 a day in bunker upkeep so subtract that from the 1 mil too.

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