Exit poll suggests Dutch PM Rutte wins parliamentary elections, Wilders concedes defeat

Wilders concedes defeat to Dutch PM Rutte, but vows firm opposition. The ruling party (VVD) has secured 31 out of 150 seats. The VVD’s main rival, the …


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  1. wow. netherlands. You have taken the biscuit of total ignorance. On top of your prostitutes, drug pushers, immigrant rapes, and non existant economy, you can now add political dictatorship to things you willingly voted for.
    Ive lost all respect for dutch people (or at least what's left of them)

  2. Well, it seems sexual predator trump doesn't have influence on European politics. The defeat of this individual should be a warning to all far-right groups worldwide☺???

  3. Dont be so disheartened guys, he gained 4 seats, got an extra 3% of the vote (or about an extra 400,000 votes), went from 3rd to 2nd and all that whilst the guy who won lost 8 seats and got 5% less votes. Its a step in the right direction and if things carry on going the way they're going then sooner or later he'll win.
    Oh and no one was going to win outright, dutch politics is too fragmented so a coalition is needed even if he did win but there's still hope for The Netherlands and Europe!

  4. i half expected this, the ditch economy is actually growing so that was working against him the whole time. france is a different story tho as the french economy doesn't work very well which is why i always believed france was always the bigger juicier target for populism. the netherlands was but a speed bump but the populist steamroller keeps on moving

  5. 3:37 that little girls face is going to be the last time you see her….next couple of years she will go through a struggle of poverty,rape, and slaughter by black Muslims and Jews who are playing them like a chessboard piece. The country is in the Zionist hands now. R.I.P. At least we still have the great Czech Republic untouched

  6. When the Islamic population there becomes the majority, and the Dutch have now essentially guaranteed that, the original population will be overrun in just a few generations. The conquest of Europe by Islam has been enabled. Apparently the lessons in history of the Crusades and Barbary Wars have been forgotten.

  7. False – Geert Wilders Won ! – Why?, because Merkel's European Unity Party has lost 50% of its seats, Socialists A large part of the eu unit division lost 75% … Mainstream Media Brainwashing propaganda incl. depression will not more happen again

  8. The problem the PVV (Geert Wilders party) is that it's an immature party. It has the good angle on immigration, but that's about it. Good party members have left the party because of heavily lack of transparency and lack of democracy. Now a lot of clowns are left – other than a few exceptions. They hog the system with tens of additional animal rights laws which the country totally didn't need. They have freaky weird leftist ideas about economy. They are also extremely pro Israel. In other words the PVV is "conservative the American way", which means Israel first. And that's basically why this party doesn't get off the ground any higher. Look at Farrage or Le Pen – they are far more heavy weights on foreign and domestic policies.

  9. Even if he'd won it would be useless… even the Dutch news themselves and politicians be like: "Well look at what happened with Trump and what he did in the first month!" … The political power of an U.S. president is way more than in The Netherlands ; it is kinda pointless here and there is not 1 man just at the top leading the country…

    Also "This is a sign that Europe does not bow for populism and hate politics"… Right because he still gained 5 seats which equals ~350.000 more votes compared to last time. He only increased, became the 2nd biggest party and you are calling it a loss? Pathetic.

    Even though he did not win and won't be part of the government parties (most likely) I hope they will still listen to his votes and do something about immigration, refugees, illegals, the Islam, and extremely high crime rate under double passports (mainly Turks and Moroccans). Hope they stop looking away and face the truth and the real problem instead of what the left has been doing for the past decades. Allowing immigrants to keep their own passport and not forcing them to integrate is what parties like the PvdA (38 seats to 9, -29 this election) costs its seats.

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