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  1. CD's I bought this year:
    Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice
    Confess – Haunters
    Bai Bang – Rock Of Live
    House Of Lords – Saint Of The Lost Souls
    Lords Of Black – II
    Night Ranger – Don't Let Up
    Osukaru – Labyrinth
    Reckless Love – Invader
    Tokyo Motor Fist – s/t
    Hell In The Club – Shadow Of The Monster

    Old cd's
    White Lion – Fight To Survive
    Vain – No Respect
    Pretty Boy Floyd – Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
    Winger – S/T
    Shotgun Messiah – S/T
    Zan Clan – We Are Zan Clan… Who the FUCK Are You

    Did any of these make the top 100…200…300…

    Will be getting the new Alice Cooper soon
    and just saw the new L.A. Guns video and will getting that whenever it comes out.

  2. GnR and Metallica are both on stadium tours… It's all the young kids that have been going to the shows that are buying these albums that were before their time… They hear the songs at the shows, then they buy the albums…

  3. There just isn't enough mainstream exposure given to any but a few hard rock and metal groups. It would be easy to say that the general public has bad taste, but the bigger issue is that they're just not AWARE of what's happening outside the top of billboard. They're not out there actively looking for music like many of us are, and they are as a result unaware that many of their favorite classic groups are still touring and making music…and are meanwhile totally oblivious to the existence of the underground where metal has been thriving for decades after the mainstream media decided to ignore it.

    And even for 'classic bands' that still get media attention, most outlets either won't play the new material at all, or if they do play it they'll revert back to playing the old stuff within a few weeks. Take Metallica for example, our local rock station played Hardwired for a few weeks and are not back to constantly playing Unforgiven multiple times a day.

  4. These "Metal Heads" should already have these Metallica albums collecting dust in the bottom of their collections, and start buying the last two (at the very least) Kreator albums; maybe throw in some Sodom, Metal Church, Enforcer and Black Trip.

    Peru, Germany, and Sweden: that's where I'm finding quality modern metal. My two cents for free…

  5. Just sad sad sad. Metal Bands other then Metallica and Iron Maiden just need to tour to survive and I bet most don't pull in much dough doing that but you have to eat. Metal in the US is basically dead.

  6. #1 they are apparently counting the digital version that they give if you buy the physical version as part of the number sold also isn't Hardwired a double album aren't those classified as 2 albums sold

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