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  1. You're missing something here: no president in my lifetime has been under siege from the deep state 100 days into their Presidency like Donald Trump has. None. So when you are examining his accomplishments as a news organization and you are not taking that into consideration, you are not being completely honest in your assessment. And who at this point doesn't understand that corporate media is controlled by the deep state. Anyone? Even Fox News is jumping ship as the controlled opposition left/right media paradigm. As a news media organization and public pipeline to information, you should be assessing your own performance level in his first 100 days.

  2. Trump needs somebody like Trey Gowdy …………. intelligent, sharp and capable.
    I have no idea why Trump didn't contact this guy ???? Taking his "Plastic Doll" daughter and DUMMY son in low was big mistake

  3. Democrats don't have an emerging leader? Did Bernie Sanders turn invisible after the primary? Hello? He's the most popular politician in America right now! A 61% approval rating nationwide. He is the clear Democratic frontrunner for the next election. Pretending he doesn't exist isn't going to make him disappear.

  4. Trump has kept most of his promises and at least taken some action to achieve his promises and he is working 24/7 to achieve his goals. The democrat pundits can talk and talk and fight for the rights of illegals. Trump will bring results.

  5. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that President Trump got elected, because he is an outsider who understands how the private sector operates. He also faced head on the monumental problems facing this country, including the shrinking of the middle class. He had a working plan for the American people, while Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had nothing for the American people.

  6. ABC you are truly horrible at reporting and your jobs, but it has been fun watching you lie and pad the numbers. I wish it was 2020 so I could watch the whitewash whitelash all over again. What a shit show you lie lie lie your polls are fuct.

  7. anchoring is just a nice word for blind ignorance.
    those trump supporters are (to a great percentage) very simple people and even more important: those people don't watch ABC, CNN oder MSNBC shows and see what a moronic liar they voted into the white house. They listen to Alex Jones, they only watch Fox or, read the National Enquirer or Breitbart.
    They absolutely oblivious to any facts or what is happening in reality in Washington.

    no big secret, just pure ignorance

  8. Now Tell The Truth.. Obama Created ISIS..Obama's Global Warming Con Job Made democrats Millionaires..Obama Gave Terrorist IRAN Billions in Cash.. Obama Lied About Obama Care.. Obama Lied When he Blamed a Fake Video on Benghazi.. Obama Lied When He Said Chemical Weapons Were Out of SYRIA..

  9. Trump voters seem to forget that Trump is the "billionaire" Hollywood elite they despise so much. He put on a performance with his lies and propaganda and they all loved it. And for a group of people who claim to despise Hollywood elites, they love to put them in office. What's absurd is how Jeffery Lord on CNN talks about the dislike of Hollywood, but can't get through a segment without mentioning his love for Reagan. It's hypocrisy at its finest.

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