Chris Cornell Death Scene Photos Surface | TMZ Live

Detroit PD just released the photos they took of the room during their investigation, and they reveal the bathroom scene where Chris died. SUBSCRIBE: …


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  1. You people make me sick that you love to pull in people  by the blood and guts of people's sad endings to their lives. These are human beings with families. Remember, what goes around comes around.

  2. To the lawyer, how does someone have truama to the back of the head and all of these highly skilled detectives, yourself, being that you are a lawyer, and the police don't have the slightest clue that you dont get truama to the back of the head unless someone bashed your head up against a wall or the floor or punched your lights out? Can you guys answer that question? They can't prove that any of the conversations were true becuase the cell phone is missing. Like I said, thought you were a lawyer. Playing pretend I dont know about the Chris Cornell scene is not flying to high so far. We know people are smarter than this.

  3. The Body Guard isn't exactly an example of trustworthiness as he extorted large sums of money from Heidi Klum after he was working for her and it had developed a romantic relationship. She was going through a divorce and he took money from her to promise not to talk to the paparazzi about their relationship, including the large sums of money, she paid for a house for his mother. They trusted this guy to dispense Chris his medication, which, by the way, if he had a script for it, he knew how the baby aspirin of benzos, generic Ativan, Lorazepam would work for him, and an extra two would not come close to making him lose his faculties and mind, he was NOT suicidal and dd not try to hang himself. The psycho Martin Kirsten, who should have been allowed entry to the room if he really was his body guard, which is questionable since the reports said Vicki called "a friend". I'm sure they were good friends, as he was the one who told her Chris died, and she what— went to sleep and then wrote a public love letter to her deceased husband. Any decent caring woman would have jumped on a plane that minute to be THERE with him, ensure the investigation was thorough and his body WAS NOT CREMATED before the toxicology report came back. That evil slut did nothing close to that. And no doubt the body guard have him something else before or during the show that he was clearly fighting off. He was murdered, and it couldn't be more obvious… You scum are aiding and abetting a murder by cover up. The seasoned medical examiner, formerly of two counties in the area had very specific and clear explanations for why his findings did not conclude that it was suicide… Very clear. He was never fully suspended, he had more than 7 broken ribs and there was a clear and obvious sign of a struggle. Chris was murdered. Get that through your corrupt assuming bot heads without a human cell to be found inside – you are sub human

  4. Omg you should be ashamed of yourself a tmz Brad Pitt going to go ham at you, he has kids wtf why show them out of respect you shouldn't have dumbasses that just want views

  5. As some comment how Tmz has no shame showing these pics, we, myself included, are just as bad for viewing this. So sad and a tragedy a physically beautiful and gifted man such as Chris will no longer be around. He is irreplaceable and NO one can sing or sound like him.

  6. when you hang yourself you usually bleed from the nose and mouth. If you look at suicide hangings you will notice the forearms usually have blood on them too, that's because they struggle to free themselves after taking the drop.

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