Blac Chyna: Cyberbully Hypocrite? | TMZ Live

Blac Chyna is a massive hypocrite who is every bit as much of a bully as Rob Kardashian … so claims the guy she once allegedly dated. SUBSCRIBE: …


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  1. Well guess what he shoudnt have played with her knowing he was on the DL now he cant play with other women. He wasnt worried about his phone number he was OUTED and thats why he wanted to die. Bye Boy

  2. I think she sent Rob the video of her and another because she know he's depress and maybe could be in a lonely and sudicide space in his life…she thought or wanted him to kill himself…but Blac chyna fall back☻?..same thing she did to Jones..she going to get what coming for her soon?

  3. Tommy Sotomayor would say that this guy got involved with a hoodrat and now he's crying because pilot got abused by this crazy black woman yet nobody forced a relationship with her on to him! When will any of you understand there is an evil spirit that is attached to people like Blac Chyna! you are putting yourself In Harm's Way! you should be warning everybody not complaining that you were wrong it's your own fault

  4. They are both bullies….we have seen her with her cyber-bullying ways for quite sometimes especially with Rob. I don't think anyone who ever post pictures of another person without consent…..but Chyna kept poking the hive and got stung.

  5. the dumbass hoe let him take pics of her….so its her own fault if they get out there. UMM duh why else would men that arent either ur bf or husband, want pics of ur naked ass?!

  6. damn chyna sleep with bi
    nggas shit wtf is wrong wit
    her then tease dude on
    line and cyber bully him
    force him to share to fam
    oh noo no blacc chyna
    where is the good in
    you??? omg smh that's
    fowl im black woman
    karma is no punk…

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