Oscars: ‘Gary From Chicago’ Did 20 Years In Prison! | TMZ Live

“Gary from Chicago” — the tourist who stole the show at the Oscars — was released from prison 3 days before he was hanging out with Denzel Washington and …


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  1. If he did his time, so why are you reporting it. You made it a topic and public and than say: his past doesn´t matter. If I wouldn´t be an atheist, i wished you all from TMZ would rot in hell, but well there is still karma and she is a bitch.

  2. Fuck you TMZ… You are only doing this to him because he is black… What the fuck does him doing time have anything to do with him being brought to the Oscars… He didn't know he was going and I'm sure if he had known you prejudice fucks were going to drag his business out there like that, I think he would've opted out… If he was marrying a white woman would you have done this to him…

  3. please explain to me why this is news worthy. he's paid for whatever he did but you actually had the audacity to put this man's business out for the world to know this is totally ridiculous and I am unfollowing you from Instagram I cannot honestly believe that you thought that the world needed to know that Gary was in prison. SMH. this is ridiculous.

  4. if these stars could aplaud a sex predator, I don't think theyd mind a supervised mingling with an excon who paid his dues to society for a way way less crime.

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