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MARIAH CAREY Big Payday | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

MARIAH CAREY Big Payday | TMZ Live

It’s gonna be a very green Christmas for Mariah Carey … whose services don’t come cheap, but Saks Fifth Avenue is happy to ante up a sack full o’ cash.


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Comments 11

  1. These people talking about the time for her to earn that money ignoring the fact that an artist like Mariah Carey, wrote the songs that she sings unless she does a cover, and to write songs like Mariah Carey and record them takes not only talent but a lot of time. Working in a studio for art/music takes A LOT of time. And we can't ignore the fact that many many many great singers and artists are doing this and only the best ones among so many talented musicians become well-known for their work. And then for "All I want for Christmas is you" 20 years later, still is the #1 christmas song, to perform that once and earn half a million, takes much more than "just 5 minutes on stage" in terms of time. On top of that, needs heavenly-gifted musicianship and talent, and for it to still be the greatest Christmas hit every single year for 20 years? Hello? Its not that surprising for Mariah to earn that much per song.

  2. When a handful of musicians make this massive amount of money while thousands of musicians that don't want to do the same teen pop have no career, time for a revolt. TMZ talk about the TeXas Video Showdown, the worst video ever made that protests for indies and against the 3 CEO's that run the music business (Warners, Universal, Sony).

    For all musicians out there, unless you are one of 10 main pop stars, you have been marginalized out of a career by 3 CEO's that run the business.
    Time to change this. Join the Dallas rebellion or start your own.

    The main problem with the music industry is that 3 CEO's run it, they only promote teen pop, and music hasn't changed in 20 years. Time for a revolt in music like the one that started rock and roll. The TeXas Video Showdown, is a protest by musicians against those 3 CEO's. Support it or start your own.

    Music has jumped the shark, been reduced to pop karaoke, hasn't changed in about 15 years, and most of those with talent have been marginalized out of a career. Why? Three men control it.

    There are 3 record companies that control 80% of the business, Warners, Universal, Sony. Each has a CEO. That's 3 CEO's controlling the music industry. They make the music, distribute it, and then give themselves great reviews. Do you want 20 more years of teen pop run by 3 CEO's? Do you think 3 people should determine the fate of 80% of the music business? Do you think almost every great musician should be blocked from a real career and be stuck selling t-shirts and a few cds at an empty club? No of course not, but they do now. The 3 have made it clear,

    We only support a generic pop sound. We only promote that type of music, and only for a few. (Swift, Beyonce, Bieber, Adele, Gaga, Perry, and the media flavor of the week.)

    What else are they saying?

    You play folk music? We don't do folk, so you are out of a career.
    You play heavy metal? We don't do heavy metal, so you are out of a career.
    You play religious music? We don't do religious music, so you are out of a career.
    You play classic rock? We don't do classic rock, so you are out of a career.
    You play classical music? We don't do classical music, so you are out of a career.
    You play roots music? We don't do roots music, so you are out of a career.
    You play music and you aren't a 20 something? We don't do your music. No career.
    You play kid's music? We don't do kid's music, so you are out of a career.
    You play jazz or big band? We don't do jazz or big band, so you are out of a career.
    You play instrumentals? We don't do instrumentals, so you are out of a career.
    You play old style soul, r & b, or rap? We don't do old style, so you are out of a career.
    You play protest music? We of course never make waves, so you are out of a career.
    You play in a new style, are innovative and leading the way? We don't do that ever!
    You play ???. We don't do ???, so you are out of a career.

    Here's what they are saying loud and clear to musicians, and music lovers.

    Musician: Doesn't matter how good you are. Quality just gets in the way of how we make money on generic music from a tiny handful of over produced, and over promoted 20 something, pop stars. AND

    Music Lover: Doesn't matter what music you like. You'll have to search it out on the net, or some small club. You'll never hear your favorites on the radio stations we control, or in the media we own.

    3 Execs advice to all marginalized musicians:

    Try to find some small record company where you might make about minimum wage with no chance of real success and don't bother us, you don't fit the money making formula.

    Then if one of you happens to have a hit, we'll buy the musician, or the record company, or distribute the record company – and you'll sign a legal web that promises the musician all, and gives them nothing. We have a long track record to prove it.

    My advice? Don't listen to them!

    Rebel against this. When 3 people have that much control in music everything is wrong. Choose to do nothing, and you ruin not only the music industry, but just about everyone's chance at a career in music.

    If Swift, Beyonce, Bieber, Adele, Gaga, and Perry, are as good as the press say they are, over and over and over, then they can stand some competition.

    Time to change the music business to where it's built on talent not publicity. Can the worst video ever made help lead to a music revolution? It might. You vote thumbs up and help make it so = TeXas Video Showdown. (Musicians, you may also want to start your own protest in any way you like. The more, the better.)

    Those reading this, if you know a great musician, I can predict that right now he's out of a career and making close to minimum wage no matter how good he is or how hard he works. Buying a CD or t-shirt won't help him. Support him by opening music up again so great talent has a chance. Vote for indie musicians.

    Warners: Stephen Cooper, 68
    Universal: Lucian Grange, 56
    Sony: Doug Morris, 77

    What if you are a great musician, but you don't want to spend 100 thousand on a video?
    What if you are a great musician but don't like teen pop that always sounds the same?
    What if you are a great musician but you don't support the 3 CEO's that control the music business?

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