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10 Worst Military Decisions – Viral Trends

10 Worst Military Decisions

When one thinks of the military, one thinks of precision and strategic knowhow. However, sometimes military decisions can be bad – in fact, they can be …


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Comments 29

  1. Hitler calling off the Tanks at Dunkirk, he could have destroyed the BEF and that would have made an invasion of Britain much easier, possibly allowing him to win the war.

  2. How about the Suez Crisis? Quite apart from it being based on Anthony Eden's lie, it was a huge mistake for Britain and France to engineer a war against Egypt. Intelligence told exaggerated reports on Gemal Abdul Nasser being a soviet puppet and even claimed that he was close to being overthrown, they also hoped that in the invasion the Egyptian people would rise up against Nasser. Not only was the miscalculation profound, but it also severely damaged Britain's reputation around the world, even the Americans condemned the action, John Foster Dulles saying at the UN "… I doubt that any delegate ever spoke from this platform with as heavy a heart as I have brought here tonight."
    This shows how bad it was in terms of being a miscalculation, there were demonstrations against the action in London that were as big as the demonstrations in Egypt

  3. Fidel Castro? Communist? Dude, he wasn't a communist at the time bay of pigs happend. He even tried to collaborate With US, but after bay of pigs he turned away from his nationalistic tendenses towards communism, because US…

  4. They act like weather is what doomed the invasions of Russia singlehandedly. Weather was only part of tactics, it's not like Russians just sat on their ass and let the weather kill the invaders.

  5. Without dought the biggest mistake in the history of War was Adolf Hitler failing to put EVERYTHING in to completion of the atomic warhead .HE COULD HAVE HAD IT IN SIX MONTHS . and install it in his V2 rocket and by then his V3 that could reach the USA would have been ready, if he had done that we would all have been speaking German by now

  6. Hitler attacked Russia because Stalin introduced collectivization and was preparing for war. The Soviet Union would not let Hitler conquer all the europe morons , thats not how the world works. The mistake was helping Mussolini who was losing the war against Greece , and that delayed the invasion of the Soviet Union . Stop teaching bullshit for fucks sake.

  7. Another reason that Russia invading Afghanistan was stupid is that it created a power vacuum once they left and the Taliban took over

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