2016 Complete Guide: How to Install & Setup KODI 16.1 on Android TV Box MXQ, MX3, MX Pro & Many More

2016 Complete Guide: Install & Setup KODI 16.1 on Android Smart TV Box Like MXQ, MX3, MX Pro & Many More ( Easiest Method Ever) I was asked to many …


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  1. I just got my Android box set up and started watching it. Problem is when I want to watch a season of a tv show it won't let me go from one episode to another. It will kick me off Kodi. tell me that Kodi has stopped working.
    I have to go back into kodi then to the tv show I am watching then go thru the same steps over and over again for the next episode. Is that normal? How can I fix this so I don't get kicked out of Kodi every time.

  2. Hi I jis did a new install n a older 16.1 an when I type areswizard an try to install nothing happens it says go to a. Forum or Facebook wizard zip moved ,any help please thnks

  3. Good Job Nareshji. Can you please helpme? I have just clean reinstall Kodi 16.1
    Jarvis firmware on Android MX2 TV Box and now I am having problems of Audio does not synchronize with
    Video and also movie freezes. What I have done wrong? Originally my
    Android box has the XBMC installed on it and I was just updating and
    everything was working fine. The 16.1 I installed also has different Repository
    of Fusion than what you have in your video. My Repository are starts
    with kodi indigo and not xbmc. Your help will be appreciated.

  4. I tried to download new kodi onto mxq box, but i get a message " unable to parse file". anyone know what to do to get new kodi to load on this box? I tried the play store and browser.

  5. Naresh Lal, I want to thank you for taking the time to make this video, everything worked with the exception of the pulse source. you are amazing at explaining with detail. happy new year my friend.

  6. Great video….btw Naresh is there a way to disassociate your amazon account (deregister) without signing in with another, when you're giving the stick as a gift..thank you

  7. excellent description, straight to the point and the voice is clear. I liked your presentation and am gonna watch all your tutorials. You certainly know what you're talking about. thank you

  8. most helpful video I've found!! tried 10+ different ones and still had error code with the add one and kodi, followed the instructions and not a problem! highly recommended!!!!!!

  9. Will this video be helpfull installing 16.1. or 17 kodi on a zidoo x6pro box ?. Is there anything else i should upgrade. box coming tomorrow ? . Is this the best way to install kodi,? i'm not very technical.

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