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Tyrese Blasts Chris Rock: Don’t Host The Oscars! | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Tyrese Blasts Chris Rock: Don’t Host The Oscars! | TMZ Live

Tyrese is calling out to comedian Chris Rock AGAIN to get him drop out from hosting the Oscars, but he is using a different tactic. SUBSCRIBE: …


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Comments 23

  1. I don't understand what the gay argument is? I thought it was common knowledge that in the world of acting, film and especially theatre, that a majority of the people in that field were gay. That's not an attack at all. It's just an observation. Why is that white guy saying there are no openly gay nominees? He should check the history of the Oscars and fact check himself. There have been many. It looks like the white guy is probably gay and wants to feel like he's been wronged. No body could assume Ellen or any other person would just give up hosting the oscars. Tyrese is an ass. For a comedian to host the oscars, that's a big deal! It's not fair to call Chris Rock an Uncle Tom. Instead of the black community supporting Chris, what do they do? They tear him down. Sounds backwards. I also thought his monologue was hilarious. I feel like he spoke up for black people and also put together a clever standup. The guy is genius. One of the best comedians out there today!

  2. Thing is, people forget that Tyreese is an entertainer. Singer/Actor.   It's dumb as hell for anyone to take what he says serious.   He's been known to make a few retarded comments through the media throughout the years.

  3. why doesn't anyone boycott the bet awards you wanna no why no white people are allowed that's not racism why don't they say anything about that so it's OK for them to have there own awards but if white people do that it's racism really seams like a double standard

  4. How dare you ask another men to do something like that? As hard as chris rock has work for what he has and where he is, no he shouldn't be ask to step down. Tyrese doesn't come close to what chris rock has done.

  5. Of course FAGS run the world come on now..LEARN SOMETHING. Plus lab rats have more unity than the Black community for real. Black people hate each other the most thanks to Whites/slavery and the WILLIE LYNCH system that's still going strong..FACTS.

  6. White people hating blacks does not change because they may be gay. its a matter of sick souls. white people that are racist against blacks in america, has extremely dark souls. Their souls are on ice. There hearts does not change because they are having a bed [party with a person of the same sex. You guys are really sick. Really, in the deepest way.

  7. You guys are pitiful. A lot of people are in the closet because of marketing. Most of hollywood is gay. You people are pathetic. Sure the gay community would be more powerful. many of them are racist gay white men. You guys are nuts. pitiful.

  8. hes right…fuck the oscars, and they have turned the civil rights movement into the gay rights movement by design….notice obama and others, passed gay marriage laws, immigration etc… they would never support african american reparations, or anything that pertains specifically to african americans, no group would not gays, not liberal whites, not hispanics, not arabs, not asians, black people have no friends, its all smoke and mirrors and eventually they will wake up to the fuckery….

  9. Why does that arsehole have to refer to Spike Lee as 'militant'? Why can he not be referred to as passionate? Militant has a negative connotation. I hate the way ignorant people group blacks together in some kind of homogenous way, as if autonomous thinking cannot occur within ethnic groups. Chris Rock is a man, before he is a black man and he's entitled to do whatever the fuck he feels to do. America has racism emanating out of it, even in its very discourse. Shameful, shameful approach towards difference and diversity.

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