BACKDOOR: Gift Hyatt Status to a Spouse

BACKDOOR: Gift Hyatt Status to a Spouse

A Hyatt Diamond — and in the new ‘World of Hyatt’ launching March 1, Globalist – can book an award for someone else using their points and confer top elite status for that stay. That’s called Hyatt’s “Guest of Honor” benefit.

Of course, members often just book a room in their own name and add the person staying to the reservation as a second name. That person shows up, receives benefits, and the elite member receives points and stay credits. That’s not technically the way it’s supposed to work, but it’s how things usually work out.

Points Miles and More points out that the Hyatt-MGM relationship gives you a back door to gift Hyatt elite status to a spouse as well.

MGM M life’s resorts are mostly casino focused and mostly in Las Vegas. Under Hyatt Gold Passport, Hyatt Platinum status (which has come with Hyatt’s co-brand credit card) received M life Gold which is good for room upgrades, free self parking, priority check-in and restaurant reservations, and VIP Line Access for nightclubs and pool day clubs. Hyatt’s Diamonds got M life Platinum which let you skip the valet and taxi queues.

Under World of Hyatt the status matches are becoming less generous. It was somewhat awkward that Hyatt Platinum came with Hyatt’s credit card, and got M life Gold while M life’s new credit card came with lesser status.

Here’s how matching will occur between MGM and Hyatt:

World of Hyatt Membership Tier Reciprocal M life Rewards Membership Tier
Globalist Gold Membership
Explorist Gold Membership
Discoverist Pearl Membership
Membership Sapphire Membership
M life Rewards Membership Tier Reciprocal World of Hyatt Membership Tier
NOIR Membership Explorist
Platinum Membership Explorist
Gold Membership Explorist
Pearl Membership Discoverist
Sapphire Membership Membership

And here’s the backdoor: MGM allows linked accounts.

Two members with the same address may link individual M life Rewards accounts to share their tier, Tier Credit and Express Comps balances. Both members must visit an M life desk in the resort and show a valid identification to link accounts. M life maintains separate account numbers and account histories for every member.

So you can match your Hyatt status to MGM, match your MGM status to your spouse or other individual at the same address, and then they can match their MGM status to Hyatt.

It does require an in-person visit to an M life desk, however.

  • A Hyatt ‘Discoverist’ (base level Platinum, free with credit card) gets MGM Pearl, which gets a spouse or roommate Hyatt Discoverist.
  • A Hyatt ‘Explorist’ gets MGM Gold, which gets a spouse or roommate Hyatt Explorist.
  • A Hyatt ‘Globalist’ will similarly be able to give a spouse or roommate Hyatt Explorist.

The key benefit of Discoverist status is 2pm late checkout. The key benefit of Explorist, in addition to 2pm late checkout, is club lounge access four stays per year.

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