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how i dealt with failure – Viral Trends

how i dealt with failure

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Comments 34

  1. Thank you so much for this video!! Today I got back two of my grades for the examweek and they weren't very good. C- and D. It really hit me because I had worked so hard. This helped me trough the rest of the day :)

  2. But, what do you do if you are simply not good enough? Like, you were at your best during the exam (not school-related), but still failed? I worked so hard, and cannot possibly see how I could improve.
    This isn't really about school, but something like a sport, where I feel I have reached a plateau. How do you deal with that kind of disappointment in yourself?

  3. I just got my final exam results back and this video was really helpful and uplifting for me. I didn't do as well in one of my best subjects so this really helped me deal with that ❤️

  4. I know a lot of people who are smart and capable and hardworking who struggle at school. Honestly I blame it more on our standardized, outdated system of education and the inability for a lot of students to pay for that education rather than on students' lack of talent or dedication.

  5. I don't mean this to be rude in anyway, I'm a new subscriber and I'm IN LOVE with your videos, but do you script your videos? Voiceover can be hard when you're doing it freestyle, so I just wanna know.

  6. something I find helpful is to look at the big picture. For example, maybe you didn't do so well on one particular test, but you still have a high grade overall for that class. It's easier to treat a failure as a learning experience if you're aware that it hasn't really ruined anything in the big picture.

  7. i think one of the worst things is when you think a test went really well and then you get it back and it isn't that great. i can cope if i knew i didn't do well in a test, but if i thought i did well and then didn't, that can be quite disappointing.

  8. My grades have progressively gotten worse over the span of 4 years, I'm now a junior in high school and this is the first time I've failed. I failed English semester 1 and I don't know how to tell my dad. What do I do? I know that he will be upset but I'm scared to tell him.

  9. i am actually a pretty good student but latin and german are killing me. For Latein, it doen't matter how much i study i always fail, and with fail i mean F-, i always start studying 2 or 3 weeks befor the exam and i still fail, but what really pisses me of is that my teacher thinks i don't study at all it really makes me mad, she is only good with the students who get A or B on the exam but we, who struggle in the subject, she treats us like shit tbh, and i don't know if it is my fault or not most teachers look at me like i killed their cat or something, i feel like they hate me or don't like me, eventhough my grades are great and i am always super friendly to everyone (sometimes too friendly) they act like i am stupid, but i told my self and will always say that i am not studying for them, it is for myself

  10. i always fail because it makes me really stressed and i didnt have any motivation on hope of being good at schoolwork…..but after i found your account (two days ago and i am obsessed) i keep getting motivated and for the first time in my life i study at hlidays and the days i dont have school. i am so grateful to you and i wil keep being our fan.

  11. Do you have any tips for black-outs?
    Because I had 2 this week and I just don't get it because I studied really really hard but when I got the test I did forget everything.
    So if you have any tips please

  12. Thank you so much for this video! I am halfway through my third year of university and anyone who is younger, I want to let you know you will still be dealing with failure, and it can be hard for people who has been in school for a long time. I especially have trouble with dealing with failure due to my anxiety issues. I relate to you so well with the thoughts. But things are never as bad as our heads like to make it seem.

    I think it's especially important to view failure as an important thing. School is about learning, not showing off. Failure is part of the process and shows you're getting something about of education. I think education systems in places like America and Japan and Korea are not conducive to dealing with failure. I think there is far too much pressure to get perfect grades and balance everything when student's health, both physical and mental, can fall by the wayside to achieve these standards. I'm lucky to go to a very understanding university but not everyone has access to good resources. Trying to change my mindset on this has been a very difficult, but rewarding path.

  13. Please make a video about staying motivated-if you haven't already-. I have no motivation to study and my grades aren't that good and I'm not studying enough to get accepted to the college that I want to go which is a university that is really hard to get in (like the ivy league universities in the US). I know I must study but I just get bored//distracted/tired really easily.

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