DOLLAR TREE HAUL! | Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas + DIY Goodie Bags!

Hey friends! I’ve got a Valentine’s Day Dollar Tree haul! I found some amazing Valentine’s day gift ideas to make a diy goodie bag for kids. ✿ Give this video a …


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  1. I love this! I teach PreKindergarten and I have been brainstorming what to get my kids for Valentine's Day because it might be the only thing they receive. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to give them their gifts now!! ?

  2. except for Christmas and Easter we don't do much for holidays here in Australia. Couples might to something for Valentine's day but that is about it. Great haul though I am sure the children will love their goody bags.

  3. I love those bags and your lipstick. Those little balls on the end of those paddle boards may be a choking hazard for kids Liam's age. You may want to check and see if they will come apart.

  4. I can't believe I didn't think about going to the Dollar Tree! I have to buy sooooo many things for goody bags I'm making for my local children's center for Vday and I was getting a little overwhelmed. So happy I saw this vid! ❤

  5. April are there any 99cent only stores in your area??? if so you should check them out I have been finding tons of Annie's brand products for just $1!!! some stores are selling the 24pk of cookies for $1!

  6. Hi April, I really enjoy watching you going to the dollar tree and you showing us all the cool stuff in your vlogs, I was hoping maybe you can do a dollar tree video like that (just an idea) :)

  7. Is it an American thing to buy gifts for class mates/teachers for every holiday?
    in England kids litrally take in cakes/sweets for their own birthday and give gifts to teachers gifts at Christmas and the end of the school year!
    tbh I'm happy it's like that I couldn't afford to make 30-35 gifts for every holiday! ?

  8. You look amazing in this video. You really have that pregnancy glow. Can't wait to see little blueberry come into this world. When are you guys going to tell us the babies name?

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