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Top 10 TERRIFYING Facts About DINOSAURS – Viral Trends


Dinosaurs evolved from reptiles over 230 million years ago and were on Earth for about 65 million years before going extinct for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.


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  1. While the Spinosaur is listed as a carnivore here, it might have been, but personally i believe more in the Piscivore(mainly fish eater) those teeth and those habitats and way of life really fit that bill better.(I assume Piscivore is a subtype of carnivore)

  2. Fun fact that'll ruin Spinosaurus for you, it actually had stubby legs. Also, it probably wasn't the top predator in it's ecosystem with Carcardontosaurus being dominate. The reason two massive predators could occupy the same ecosystem and not wipe each other out is theorized that the two filled two very different niches within the ecosystem. Spinosaurus spent most of it's days in the water hunting fish, while Carcardontosaurus would have hunted other dinosaurs on land. Here's a source about the new spinosaurus body for those of you who want to know http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2014/09/11/the-new-spinosaurus/

  3. A lot of these videos that they showed didn't show the actual dinosaur they were talking about. For example, when he was talking about Apatosaurus, he showed a completely different species, Argentinosaurus.

  4. I saw mistakes and needed to correct dem

    1 T. rex is not 13ft tall T. rex was around 16-21 ft tall

    2 spinosaurus doesn't live in North America.

    3 mapusaurus was smaller than T. rex by a few feet

    4 compsagnathus wasn't the smallest dinosaur ever

    5 argentinosaurus is Said like the country Argentina with the ending saurus

    5 argentinasaurus wasn't 26 ft tall it was around 34-48 ft tall

    Carnotaurus was around 8-10 ft tall not 13 ft tall.

    Spinosaurus wasn't that much bigger than T. rex Than it says

    And finally deinonychus was around 4 ft tall and velociraptor was 3 ft tall while Utahraptor was say 6-10 ft tall

  5. ONLY 100000 CALORIES A DAY? if there 100 tons that means there 200000 most humans weigh 200 pounds so if there would be a linear relationship between needed food and weight that dino would need 2000000 calories since human need 2000 calories

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