Nick Cannon: Near Brawl Over Mariah | TMZ Live

Things got heated on the set of “Wild ‘n Out” when Nick Cannon and Stevie J exchanged heated verses that almost lead to a physical altercation. Stevie J calls …


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  1. Seems like to me Stevie J and Nick still want and love Mariah. Mariah is the bomb, this woman got two men fighting over her and is not having sex with either one of them. You go girl!!!

  2. I think the only reason nick took it personal is because he knows there's truth to it…

    Picture Mariah telling him stories using the other guy the other guy blank,nick put that shit together like a puzzle during the show lmao

  3. I think they did it for hype. Nick has never been offended by the jokes about Mariah but the one time he does it's because it's Stevie who just happens to be from a reality tv show

  4. I dont see what the big deal is though. Mariah did some smashing in the 90s, pre marriage, post marriage, and potenially during the marriage to others. Big deal. Life of a celeb.

    Point is, everyone sees Mariah as a mega superstar that would NEVER hit a low on the totem pole guy like Stevie J…..when Stevie wrote a handful of smashes for her, as well as a ton of others. Past that, he wasnt so low on the pole back then either.

    I just dont see it as a big deal. But do i believe he smashed her? i sure as hell do. He probably even had it in his head…..if Nick starts trying to turn up on me on this show, i got the real bombs to drop……things started getting thick so Stevie went in.

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