Creepy Snapchat User Gets Girls To Become Models!? ft. David So A Creepy Snapchat User is Trying to Get Girls to Send Photos Of Themselves To Become ‘Models’! Follow Us On SoundCloud: …


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  1. All I gotta say is…If you are over the age of 12 and you fall for this then you are stupid. At age 13 I knew about creeps so they have no one else to blame but their dumb illusions. Their parents should even let them have smartphones at a young age. Give them the old school cells with apps just incase they need to contact you, they don't need social media at that age.

  2. some loser guy tried to trick me like this to on Instagram he had like 300 followers and was like I don't know why you don't believe me it's probably because of my followers I'm like dude I'm not dumb

  3. Women want to be treated equal but then you have two women here that are basically implying a women is not so smart to handle the internet and people should feel sorry for them. WTF? No, the internet is not as it use to be. There is more information to prevent people from falling victims of a scam. But hey apperintely the two dead brain Mexicans (no surprise there) expect to feel sympathy for being stupid in this day of age.

  4. A Vogue photographer I know told me that one night sex with models is terrible. Since they know guys want them for their beauty, they don't make any effort in bed. They figure you can get off on just their looks alone so they just lay there while you pump. He said it's like having sex with an inflatable doll. They only put in work for a boyfriend.

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