Barrel Boy Barbecue – How to build an Oil Drum Barrel BBQ

Ever wanted to make your own BBQ that can fulfil all your BBQ needs? Well it’s easier than you think (with the right tools) and the results will not only give you …


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  1. Hello guys, This DIY video is really interesting and useful,

    So, when I made my own Barrel barbecue it helps me a lot, but I have just some questions about the painting of the barrel Inside and Outside, Which kind of paint can I use to avoid rust ?
    Can I use an antirust paint inside the barrel or a bomb paint will be suffisant ?
    I need just few advices to make my barrel prettier


  2. Friends of mine who have built these cookers have taken the time to add a layer of fire brick along the bottom and sides to prevent burn outs from continuos high heat of the coals. One even took the time to cut the fire brick with angles to eliminate gaps in the circular structure followed by a rebar grate to hold the coals up from the bottom. Vents also help in keeping the coals burning, placed low on both sides of the barrel.

  3. Hey guys, cool vid. quick question though. what's the best way to clean a barrel. I have 2, one previously had petrol in and the other radiator coolant fluid…any suggestions?

  4. +LumumbaMonologues ok. Understood. But a lotta folks watch this are going to get a barrel off craigslist and will use a contaminated barrel. It would be a nice gesture to warn em, instead of watching a mushroom cloud. Lol. You did a good job by the way. I'm in the process of building my bbq outta a old air compresser tank.

  5. You are teaching people to cut open a barrel, and you don't even know what was inside of it first! Dangerous! Fill the barrel with water first! Clean inside out! Reusing old barrels, something explosive could be inside still

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