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Tesla Autopilot Crashes, Hyperloop Potential, Preloved Prii. T.E.N. Future Car News 8th July 2016 – Viral Trends

Tesla Autopilot Crashes, Hyperloop Potential, Preloved Prii. T.E.N. Future Car News 8th July 2016

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Comments 24

  1. There will never be a perfect, accident avoidance, vehicle. All we can do is build self driving vehicles that lessen the accident and death rates. The Tesla is probably safer in it's current mode than human drivers. However, I'm not saying we should drive them with hands off the wheel yet.

  2. Ontario .. Sheesh get your Geography right at least .. for Crying out loud We are NOT SPARSE, FORESTED, AREAS… Maybe get on Google Earth and look around … Ontario is a HUGE Province with major city centres like Toronto ( better google that one ) and many more.. you make us sound like were a bunch of Tree Living Lumberjacks ! Sheesh… I know more about your country both politically and geographically than you do..about ours…
    ' cause they actually teach us WORLD geography in grade school and high school… Sorry for the RANT but hey , at least do some homework…

  3. Nikki, I will vouch for the other comments about ecotricity and the £5.00 twenty minute charge, this equates to the equivalent of 13 mpg on our non rapid charge Zoe if you do a comparison to petrol, with everyone pushing for a cleaner greener world the charging infrastructure as taken a massive backward step in the UK with ecotricity monopolizing the motorway service area's and no chance of competition in them. It's a sad fact but it's back to an ICE car next as it's far to expensive, time consuming and unreliable with there stupid app activation charging system. Well done Mr Dale Vince for killing the event market in Britain.

  4. If semi-autonomous vehicles should require driver awareness systems, then I would have to assume vehicles without the pseudo-autonomous features would warrant them as well, yes?

  5. When i try to get any info from Nissan on the 2017 Leaf, it is a complete void.
    All of the information I am getting is from my sources inside Nissan.

    So here it is for all to read.
    The problem that Nissan is currently facing is all of the vehicles they have sold are to the low hanging fruit.
    (The low hanging fruit are people the people that will pay anything to buy an electric car.)
    Now they are figuring out that to mass market an electric vehicle they will need to increase the battery size.

    The Model 3 is 2 years away and had nothing to do with the upcoming increase in battery size, the Bolt did.
    Now Nissan management is trying to figure out, do we give the Leaf a 60KW (200 mile) or 90KW (300 mile) battery pack.
    When you increase the battery pack to that power level you increase the difficulty and the time to manufacture the battery pack.
    The 24KW and 30KW are relatively easy to manufacture and produce the 60 and 90 are not.

    The second item that i received from my sources, there will be no battery pack update option for previous customers.
    I understand when a manufacturer does not want you to modify a car for safety and legal reasons, i get that and i am ok with that.
    When a manufacturer is saying that you can not put a 30kw battery in a Leaf that has a 24KW battery because it wont fit, (HOW INCREDIBLY STUPID DO YOU THINK YOUR LEAF CUSTOMERS ARE?)
    Since I own a 2013 Leaf (with a bad battery pack) the later pisses me off, because i know better.
    I finally told them sell me the 30KW pack and i will put the #$%n thing in myself.

    This is what i have, do with it what you will, I have been rubbed so wrong the Leaf is probably going away.

    Thank you.

  6. Yes Nikki I agree. the software is still in beta, Tesla state you must always keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The car kept going apparently which is strange since a human driver would have at least braked a bit. Clearly he wasn't looking. Human error I'm afraid, however tragic.

  7. I'm surprised Tesla (and other modern cars) don't have some kind of crash resistant data recorder on board, like aircraft.

    Also: Ontario! Great incentives for EVs (My Model 3 should cost 14,000 less thanks to cashback incentives!) I don't know why car manufacturers don't want to test in Toronto!

    I hope the family medical thing works out soon!

  8. On the Ecotricity charging, and sorry if this is an obvious question its £5 for 20 mins of rapid charging? Or is it £5 for 20 mins use of the charging station my Zoe doesn't rapid charge 'standard' is the limit, it's still £5 is it?

  9. Hi Nikki, I'm sorry to disagree with you here bit the overwhelming reaction from UK EV drivers is to boycott Ecotricity chargers (have you read the reviews of the Electric Highway app? Even though the it's not the right forum for it). Long range drivers are already selling their EVs as running an ICE will be more economical! I really feel you're pushing your opinion here and not the news. it's meant to be unbiased you know ;)

  10. You missed the point on the Ecotricity charging fee of £5They a setting a 20 Minute time limit for the £5 which may mean you may not have enough to get home and have to pay another £5 for another period although you may have to disconnect before the 20 minuets when you arrive at 90-95% fullI want to pay for what I require by the Kw, 20mins only gives me 52% (15kw) less for a Zoe and No good for the PHEVThe other problem is it is App controlled so if you aint got a smart phone or a poor phone signal the you are stuckYou can buy petrol by the gallon so why not electricity by the Kw

  11. I'm not sure japan is close to new zealand 🙂 Same distance from Denmark to Los Angeles.
    From testimony and evidence, it would seem ex navy seal Joshua Brown was doing 90mph on autopilot through an intersection. Which is curious when his youtube videos demonstrate keen understanding of the substantial limitations.
    On a related note, a guy at work said an ex special forces guy on his street has a tesla and often his colleagues show up with teslas as well. Apparently teslas are super popular among special forces. Maybe having killed for oil is key.

  12. Autopilot isn't autonomous, more like an enhanced cruise control, but someone always has to push a new technology. I think Tesla and users are at fault. Tesla jumped the gun on this to beat everyone to market and the name is deceptive. After seeing the videos of knuckleheads driving with their hands off the wheel, this was bound to happen. I'm all for autonomous vehicles but the technology isn't ready yet.

  13. Good show as usual Nikki. Obviously, it's sad that someone lost their life in a car accident but the Tesla autopilot is clearly offered as a public beta and has to be explicitly enabled. The reverse of this is that people complain when things aren't brought to the market 'quickly enough' for them. It's also possible that the collision was unavoidable regardless of who/what was driving.

    Ecotricity introducing a tariff for charging was always going to be a difficult call for them. I've been a customer for a while and frankly considering they've done more for nationwide EV mobility in the UK than another organisation (including the UK government) I agree with some that you're almost morally obliged to switch to Ecotricity as a supplier. Their domestic tariff isn't much more than other suppliers, it's green power and you're getting your fuel paid for. Btw, high as the fiver for 20 mins seems, it's still lower than the ridiculous tariffs on the rapids in the South East arranged by the ironically named Energise Network without any further benefits and with an almost absence of supporting 7kw connectors in the area.

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