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Blac Chyna’s New Roommate … Rob Kardashian?! | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Blac Chyna’s New Roommate … Rob Kardashian?! | TMZ Live

Rob Kardashian has moved out of sister Khloe’s house, and has moved in with his sisters boyfriends ex-fiance Blac Chyna! Are they friends or lovers?


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Comments 17

  1. blac chyna is cooking all those oily food for Rob just like his sister was you guys call that healthy. Rob have enough money to get a personal trainer and a chef, Blac chyna isn't doing anything but using his health issues to gained Rob , Rob is so young minded he doesn't know what he wants. He just want to have fun that's all . blac chyna belong with her baby father because they both have a low standard

  2. tmz have you noticed that when one of the kardashians are out of the lime lite somehow some massive drama comes up… and dont you think this whole fourway thing seems to bring both the kardashians back to lite… i think momager is all over this… courtney had lost the lime light next minute justin bieber…this sh#t has chris jenner written all over it…and when blac chyna gets caught with E, she rushes over for damage control coz that wasnt ment to happen..not coz she wanted to talk sense into rob… bet u the convo went like this… rob you have to come out earlier than planned go pick chyna up the paparazzi is circuling…all these people known eachother for ten years… 2 much coincidences and she still robs momager…

  3. TMZ, your story is not checking right. So, in one of your stories your reporters say that Rob and Blac Chyna ran out of Khloe's house. You say that it's Blac Chyna that is influencing Rob. Yet, it seems to be forgotten that Rob has had many issues regarding his family way before he date Blac Chyna. Rob sided with Reggie, Rob sided with Lamar, Rob is siding with Blac Chyna. Rob has been siding with many of the ppl that his family has screwed over; because, he too, has been screwed over. Rob knows that his sisters are a bunch of double talking, controversy creating, backstabbing whores. Rob wants to preserve the legacy of his father and his father's family name. Kris probably never really cared for Rob as he may have reminded her too much of the father. Could it be possible that Rob approached Blac Chyna? And, how is Blac Chyna contributing to Rob's unhealthy lifestyle – is she not working out with him and is he not coming outside more? Could it be possible that Rob has a thyroid issue? And, if Rob had issues of eating and drinking in an unhealthy way – it would have been way before Blac Chyna! From what is being shown, Blac Chyna is showing Rob some genuine support. Why is Rob being called "unwell" and "not thinking right" as he dates Blac Chyna. Yet, the Kardashian-Jenner whores are celebrated for stealing other ppl's men and breaking up relationships. The Kardashian-Jenner brothel seem to making banging every Blk man in existence, a sport. The guys who continue to mess with the brothel sisters are unwell and not thinking right, because banging a Kardashian-Jenner is most likely like banging into a used condom from another dude, allegedly. And' that's not normal. Rob is probably the clearest thinking one because he chose to stay away from that mess. Bravo to Blac Chyna for supporting Rob, when Rob's own family kicked him to the curb.

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