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How My Channel Makes Money (and why I try and make fair reviews) – Viral Trends
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  1. this video was a perfection! that's why 0 thumbs down! I like how you are opening up and being transparent about your channel and your ideas, all what you said makes perfect sense, I do actually have a question and if you can answer I'd like you to help me out with it!

  2. Brad Listen to my suggestion, To gain more Subscribers all u have To do is Start making Videos More about ur art and some Drawing tutorials. And when u make tech videos make 2 separate videos one from the perspective of an artist and other focused on the spec,etc so tht u get different types of people watching ur videos. And then restart ur gaming channel And talk about it in ur other vids and promote it then more people watching ur vids and u will get more subscribers and then u will becomes famous and thts wht i want.

  3. I detest reviews of stuff on Amazon that ends with that freebie/unnamed "discount" disclosure. It Inevitably inflates the ratings. Wanna keep your integrity? Don't review free stuff. [I say this rhetorically, definitely not telling you what you OUGHT to do] Send it back & mention that in your review. If not, you're a compensated speaker. As such, how can anyone trust that you're not just another shwag ho? After all, the Amazon shwag ho's say their reviews are "honest".

  4. Great video, Brad! One of the reasons I follow you is axactly because you don't really do angry videos. YOu keep a positive vibe, even when you talk about stuff you don't like about the products! Keep up the good work :)

  5. Hey Brad, I subscribed and watch your videos because I think you're always being honest, helpful and funny. 🙂 So I'm glad that your channel is growing and your actually enjoying what you're doing. Keep it up. Well wishes to you. ??

  6. I'd have thought they'd be throwing products at you to review? I guess that'll happen later. Also, I'm surprised by how much you make vs current number of followers. I think you are fair, and I wouldn't worry people making accusations; they're going to anyway. I generally assume there is no conflict of interest until, as you say, I smell BS. Fairness (MS/Apple/Other) is harder to come by.

  7. I love your channel, I hope you will reach the 100k sub (or more) in this year!

    My fav. illustrator software is Affinity Designer, I'd appreciate a review from you about this prog.
    I switched from Illustrator to that software and I fall in love with it.

    (I just bought an iPad Pro+Apple Pencil yesterday, because the "Affinity guys" said they will release the iPad version of Photo and Designer in this year.)

  8. Thanks Brad, I think your videos are the best and you're totally fair. I'm never felt fooled around (sorry for my English, I'm Italian, I hope you understand what I'm saying :)). I love your work as illustrator and really appreciate the sharing of knowledge in every video you post. Thank you and keep going!

  9. I've been finding you're reviews and advice very helpful! I'm really looking forward to the Pixel review. I haven't seen anything really about it except from Adonit's own marketing. By the way, I got the MediBang app based on your review and I love using it for my comic book work. Thanks!

  10. So… I'm 'cool'….Lol. 😀 . I don't think you did anything wrong by pointing out some SF Pro issues. SF needs to improve the hardware side just like iPad Pro needs to improve the system/software side (saying this as am hoping any of the two gets a real pro solution and offers a 15" as an extra purchase option…or… Apple offers an iPad Pro technology to MS so that they cram a Windows there (and make cows fly)… Argh, shouldn't have that last coffee… my brain is failing now… ). Plus, those are well known facts by people who are quite interested in both machines(I am). If anything, probably you were quite original with the tapering, I have not seen anyone pointing it out before (but youtube is huge like an ocean..who knows..). It was interesting to know about the income lines, but most of us are so used to ads that IMO wouldn't be that bad to have to close 'em. Still I know a lot of people who hate them. IMO, that's ok to close ONE ad, issue is when there's like 12 ads and u end up just letting 'em there, leaving that area of the video as a lost cause. (I don't think u do that, I've seen it in other youtube reviewers).I'll keep tuned for the Huion review….A pity Apple doesn't give you an iPad Pro to review the Pencil, lol…. If I myself were to receive for free one of those, and keep it for free, I guess I'd have a hard time being fair about it, lol… Nah, would be positive for the fact that i already know almost more than Apple about it, lol, and know it's good…But yep, people hate the usual promotional video…Not your case, certainly. People prefer to just hear normal people sincere impressions about a product. Oh, and whenever I read someone has an issue that requires a product exchange, what only counts for me is that the company replaces it fast without complaints. As any production line has a % of products that go out to the shelves with some issue. It was so before internet existed, and will be always so. You now just happen to see that 2% of complaints or whatever the number it is, in any forum or the like.

  11. dude…. turn on your commercials direct away… I think we all do understand effort is time and of course get paid for it. I like your videos and your narration a lot. Also old enough to see what I like or not. Keep on going.

  12. Hey Brad, thanks for clarifying your position on all this stuff and still somehow making an entertaining video to watch and listen to! For my part I knew instinctively, as I guess most of your subscribers do, that you're a good guy with integrity and this whole topic didn't even need clarifying in the first place. That said, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you Brad, you are doing a great job with this channel, I've seen all your videos and I love them all, funny, informative and great drawings too. I'm always keeping an eye on the channel for new ones. Thank you again for your sincerity and openness.

  14. Brad Colbow, I'm being 100% candid with you by saying that I feel inspired to start doodling on my surface pro as soon as I finish watching your videos. You are by far one of my favorite channels. The type of channels I watch out of intention, not because I stumbled upon your channel for being on YouTube for 5 hours.

  15. Hey Brad, thank you for being honest about why and how you do these videos. I appreciate it and keep up the great work! One thing was missing from this video: what software package did you do the art in? Procreate? And it's cool that you are using the Adonit Pixel Stylus and giving it another shot before the final evaluation. I look forward to hearing what you think it. Thanks!!

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