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Android as an Anchor Woman on the news fembot – Viral Trends

Android as an Anchor Woman on the news fembot

Aiko as an Anchor Woman. She will work for free and doesn’t take any break time or vacation time. And most importantly, aiko doesn’t complain about her work.


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Comments 43

  1. I'm amazed by your work. Aiko is a very beautiful gynoid, and, with more donations, you could make the science-fiction android become a full-fledged reality. The "Mrs. Roboto" bit was pretty amusing and a great example of her mobility. I appreciate your dream fully.

  2. I'm just calling it like it is chief. I didn't make him talk like that. If you don't like the way he represents his race, you should be angry at him, not me. It isn't my fault a fat guy is fat or a black guy talks like a nigger. Maybe I am a dick for pointing it out but it doesn't make it any less true. Does it?

  3. holy shit. did anyone hear how those cocky bastard anchor people were being asshole-y? laughing and being sarcastic, aiko should go terminator on their ass!

  4. @j3w3Lry what if your human nurse is tired when someone is dying or what if she is depressed? And what if she simply does not have the memory to remember every protocol and forgets the one that would have been able to save him?

  5. all that you have to do is take a real body and add technology/mind control to control it and then you have a living android….maybe make it self-healing with nanobots.

  6. me da pena ver a aiko,es un gran paso para la umanidad que un androide lo aga todo por nosotros,los pondran a la perfecion para sustituir a los humanos,no sabemos si esta bien o mal,pero a mi me da pena ver sus circuitos,porque no es una persona,sin embargo yo si y aunke se perfectamente ke no,me transfiere una sensacion,como si a aiko le doliesen esos circuitos…

    la gente puede pensar k s 1 stupided,pero nosotros sentimos,eyos no…

  7. AND – Ever see " Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex " ? They have female robots called " Operaters " that process data, secretarial duties & such for " Section 9 ". Sure it's Science – Fiction but it's possible. 30 years ago, laptops would've been science fiction. Food for thought…..

  8. After the newscast: " Kill her before she talks us out of a job !!! ".
    Seriously, I could really envision robot / android secretaries & news – casters, etc.
    Maybe as fashion models, too. Think about it…..

  9. Reading text from paper, recognizing and memorizing face, and conversing is quite a marvel in A.I. development. This is more about computer programming to make a brain than it is building a doll.

  10. Actually I was just posting that for the reaction. I find it entertaining to see how such a conflicting yet boringly logical person would react. I taunt you for entertainment true. Although your repeditive replies were getting on my nerves. Debating about irrelevant topics is not my thing.

  11. I haven't had a go at you or anyone else, I was just enjoying intellectual discussion, something you clearly aren't very accustomed to. Anyway, I think I've had quite enough of your trolling, you seriously need to grow up, youre deeply insecure and posting dumb insults on peoples profiles to attempt to get a rise out of them is really pathetic.

  12. lol we didn't create fire. We merely made it more controlled and easier to obtain. Do u just LOVE argueing or something!? It is really annoying that you are stupid enough to think robots will have a real purpose. They r just going to be used as tools or slaves in the end. No one will see a robot as an equal and rightfully so as all they r is a pile of metal, wires and all the rest of it. No I won't list it all out here. BTW I am 16 years old. ROFL!

  13. Humans have been "playing god" since their very emergence. When we created the wheel and fire, that was unnatural, and would have been considered "playing god" at the time, but few people today would doubt the importance of such advancements. To say that no one needs machines of accelerating intelligence is incredibly short-sighted, transcending our "natural" biological intelligence offers almost limitless possibilities for overcoming contemporary global issues.

  14. Yes the computers of today are unsophisticated and emotionless but putting too much intelligence and emotion into a machine is a bad idea. I don't agree with robots because NO ONE actually needs them. We already have humans but to enslave a human is against the law and seen as cruel. To enslave a robot wouldn't be seen as cruel if it didn't have feelings. It is playing god to create robots and I am very against it. Machines should only be used as tools not sub-humans.

  15. Its nothing like putting feelings into a pencil sharpener. A pencil sharpener is a simple device for sharpening pencils that will never acquire any intelligence. Robots and computers are different, whilst many will remain as unsophisticated as they are today, and continue to perform narrow AI tasks, others will be upgraded with software designed through the reverse engineering of the human brain – the exponential gains in modern neuroscience.

  16. True that it sounds cruel if the being was alive and had feelings but putting feelings in a machine is like putting feelings into a pencil sharpener. A robot is an inanimate object and I personally don't think we even need them. They will end up personal slaves if they are fully created and that is y I am against it.

  17. They should be used as tools? and what about when they become become conscious and intelligent, you still want to keep them as slaves? You're the epitome of everything that is wrong with human beings, anthropcentism and the desire to force outsiders into slavery and capitulation.

  18. There is no reason to presume a robot would be any more dangerous that a human, in fact, they're much less likely to be harmful because we need not program them with humanities' bed evolutionary baggage. The mistake you're making is to project your own carnal fears onto the unknown, and hate it because its the "other".

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