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Remove dark spots in just 7 days | 100% Natural | Get rid of uneven skintone – Viral Trends

Remove dark spots in just 7 days | 100% Natural | Get rid of uneven skintone

This treatment will bring huge change in your skin just in 7 days… T his method is very effective… as it is 100% natural hence can help many people those who …


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  1. This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) is very useful for my daughter that`s why she actually love it. For a year and a half we struggled buying different acne remedies without results. I`m truly pleased we discovered this guide. After a few days of trying it, I noticed its difference and her acne had cleared up after a few weeks.

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  3. Trying this today and tell you my results in 2 weeks. I have some dark spots and and dark scabs on my face.. mostly on my forhead right now so yeah lets see how this goes…. it's jan 20, 2017


    Hello everyone I started using his method a little while ago and I have an updated method that I've been doing and the results are AMAZING . The key is staying consistent and not getting lazy , that means you must wash your face in the morning and at night without skipping any steps .

    Step 1: I wash my face with a soap called rattle snake soap , I don't believe you have to use this specific soap but just make sure it's something that works for you . While lathering my face with a soap I follow up and wash my face using a toothbrush in small circular motions for about 3-5 mins (very softly not too hard) … Also make sure your hands are very clean

    Step 2: I rinse my face off and dry it off with a CLEAN towel and begin to rub an ice cube on my face for about 30 seconds .

    Step 3: I skin a potatoe and juice it . I do the same thing with the lemon, the only difference is I juice the lemon with the skin because most of the nutrients are actually in the skin of the lemon which is great for your face .

    Side note for step 3: Before I would try to preserve my potatoes and lemons by using the same juice at night as well as the morning . ( keeping the juice refrigerated) but what I noticed was that I got more of a sensational feeling on my face when the potatoe and lemon was fresh . So now every time I wash my face I use FRESH potatoes and FRESH lemon because it gives BETTER RESULTS. I use the potatoe and lemon as a mask and cleanser . First I take four cotton balls and dip it in the juice and rub it on my face for one minute . Then I take a lot of juice and try to get as much pulp as I can on my face and let it sit for 15-20 mins

    Step 4 : AMBIES FADE CREAM … I just discovered this product and it is absolutely amazing . I had really bad acne scars all over my face . So last week I did some research and stumbled upon this product which contains bleach to even out skin tone . So after my third step I follow up with the Ambies face cream (you can get from your local cvs target or Walmart for under 10$) using a Q-tip to apply the cream . I apply the cream with the Q-Tip in circular motions over the dark spot areas until I can't see the cream anymore

    Step 5: follow up with a moisturizer that has SUN SCREEN in it especially if you live in a place like Los Angeles like I do where the sun is always shinning . I don't know the exact science behind using sun screen for your acne scars but I spoke with a professional and they told me this is a MAJOR tool to get rid of those dark spots

    If you do this method twice a day … in the morning and at night I guarantee you will see results within 1 week . My face has cleared so much that I had to come back and share it with every one

    Side note : wash your hands consistently like you have OCD , keep your finger nails short , and try not to touch your face at all through out the day … Also like I stated above it's all about consistency. If your not dedicated you won't get any results . Lastly men with ingrown hair , I feel your pain , I had the same problem . Before i wash my face both at night and the morning I get really close to my bathroom mirror and pull out any ingrown hair bump I see on my face . When the hair is extracted it releases pressure and the bump goes away very quickly . DONT pop your ingrown hair bumps you will only make it worse . Simply pull the hair out and let your body do its thing

  5. This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) is extremely helpful for my daughter that is why she definitely appreciate it. We have already expended a large amount of cash trying different acne treatments for over a year now but not one of them had worked. I`m actually happy we discovered this guide. We observed a visible change in just a couple of days and in just a few weeks her acne had cleared up.

  6. this won't make my face lighter than my natural skin tone right ? also we do step 1 first with rubbing the slice on the face then step 2 we put on the juice keep there for bout 10-20 mins then rub it off with the slice?

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