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Will you ever become less tech savvy? – Viral Trends

Will you ever become less tech savvy?

A video blog asking whether you think in the future it will be harder to keep up with new technology and as our generation ages will we become less able to …


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  1. Really good points. I am 50 and starting using/supporting PC & Macs in the mid 1980s well before they were in the mainstream. I became an MCSE in 1999, ten years ago now. While my interest is still there, I absolutely find it harder to keep up with technology now. The pace of change and the pervasiveness of technology is far greater than it was even 5 years ago.

    I am also surprised at some young people that grew up with laptops and have no clue how to fix a very simple problem.

  2. I always thing about this. I think maybe if an unforeseen, extremely different, complicated technology is invented then we may have trouble adapting.

    If we start controlling computers with our minds we would have trouble with it no matter how often we use electronics with our hands. If young people from an early age grow up doing that they will be far ahead of us. Then we'll be the ones saying, "Hey slow down and quit clicking on a million things so fast!"

  3. I also think that young consumers (er, "young" as in tweens to mid-20s…like me) delight in technology/new devices way more but are programming way less. So there will always be a need for tech specialists

  4. I think another element to being tech savvy is also that sense of not being scared to screw up on a new device as well. My mom is deathly scared of clicking anything in case her computer blows up whereas I try every function on my cellphone.

  5. TL;DW

    To answer the title question, I would like to think I'll always be tech savvy, but I look at my dad, who used to be even more technologically geeky than I am, and he's lost a lot of interest in modern technology.

    I suggested he buy an Android phone recently, and I saw that he no longer likes the idea of learning entire new interfaces and habits, while I loved setting up his phone and getting some good apps and such.

    Perhaps I'll be like him some day, but for now, I still love gadgets.

  6. Computers are a very modern invention. I expect it is like learning a language; children have an easier time picking up multiple languages than older people. Like a language, there are certain fundamentals that must be grasped to advance our understanding of it. I don't think people younger than us will have a very big advantage. We learned the fundamentals when young and can easily build upon them. Unless there is a major paradigm shift in the way we use tech, I expect we'll be fine. 

  7. Stephen Fry is pretty old and still very good with new tech. When you're really old though it is unavoidable, the connections in your brain are dying and then it's only natural that you're slower than the younger generation..

  8. well I suppose it's up to you whether or not you become that way when your older. My grandfather is 82 and he is very tech savvy, uses Facebook, iPhone and email with out a problem, while my mom does not. 

  9. Is it possible? 😛 I think its only possible if you completely go away from the tech world and as you said, become the previous generation which would still have knowledge of tech, but only tech of your time.

  10. No you won't because now tat you're in the 'tech-age' you will always be interested and will always keep up. The older generation had nothing, no sense of tech equipment.

  11. Dave, you're scaring me, lol! I don't want to think about this. I'm living in the now, lol! Well, I am thinking about tomorrow!! New ilife, iworks……? Can't wait to see what Apple is going to try to sell me!

    Yes, Let your hair grow! Be a ROCK STAR! ……Before it's too late. :-)

  12. technology has really been taking over people's lives.It can spoil us very easily and make us very dependent upon it.I mean I can't see myself make it through the day without my iPhone, but ten years I was fine.I am trying to get rid of this addiction and get back to a normal life.It is definitely affecting my lifestyle for the worse.That's the reason I don't have a facebook or twitter account, but almost everyone else in the world does.

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