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Thorin vs. Reddit – Episode 5 (LoL) – Viral Trends

Thorin vs. Reddit – Episode 5 (LoL)

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Comments 35

  1. Thooorin We need more of Thorin vs. Reddit CS:GO. I've now run out of savage Thorin moments since watched all his videos and all the highlights from tournaments. It has gone so far as to where I'm watching LOL videos when I have never even watched a game of LOL. We, the people of youtube, need more content from Mr. Savage#1

  2. i think its makes sense to have the leagues all normal sports have leagues especially if you look at rugby for example in south africa we have whats basically the south african league then the winners win the cup for that tournament then we have all those teams play for another cup with Australia and New Zealend play in a tournament then we have whats called tri nations were they make a national squad were they pick players from provincial teams then you get the world cup ever 3 years i think i know england and the other european countries whales ect have there own thing and we still have rivalries

  3. 20-30 in ping is not a dream, that is bad, it north of sweden to oslo bad (24ms). But why is not the team move there player to same city as the server if it is a big deal ?

  4. Thooorin, dude… you ok? You're making a bit too many dark jokes around killing yourself in this video. The lady doth protest too much, methinks if ya catch my drift.

  5. Thorin why do you spend so much time and energy on people's stupid little comments on reddit? They literally mean nothing and are of no consequence… I've never seen another public figure such as yourself actually take 2 hours to respond to every little faggy troll comment he can find. Why do you waste your time with this?

  6. I'd like to actually here an argument for, let's say, Koo perhaps beating SKT in the finals. Instead, people are talking about how Western teams had a chance to even take a game off of these godlike teams, whereas if you were to talk about the chances of the finals people would still say "that's absurd".

  7. Gamers and athletes already make way more money than they should in every sport and esport.

    Peke did have a small champion pool. But Faker wasn't hiding picks either. Ryze was just good and the othe rmidlaners haven't figured it out until after the tournament begun.

  8. Hey Thorin
    The chance of you reading this is probably very slim, but I'll take my chances anyway.
    First of all, I'd like to say that I love your work, keep going. You and Monte are my favourite LoL analysts. I really liked this episode as well, and I think you're on point nearly anytime. I do have one thing I want to point out that I think it seems like you've missed a bit of nuance (maybe you missed it, or maybe you just didn't include it) in regards to Fnatic and western teams against Koreans. You had a point about westerners giving excuses about how the western teams always fail to play to their full potential and always tilting/falling short. I do give you that this is a kind of ridiculous thing to say, but that it still does hold some merit. Let me explain.

    My take on what makes the top Korean teams better than anybody else is their consistency. Many of the Korean and Chinese teams all have great players and do amazing things, but when it comes down to it, there is always these couple of Korean teams who, while not playing better than the other teams when the other teams are doing their best, but instead consistently play on this high level. Many Chinese teams have great team synergy which makes them able to pull off these incredible plays, but often times they fall short because they are more chaotic since their strategy is more flawed compared to the great Korean team. They can still pull it off sometimes, simply because they execute the plays so well, but when playing against the great Korean team, they fall short in the long run.

    I feel like the top western teams are kind off a less talented version of this chaotic Chinese "style" in the way that they still have some great players who can perform at at top level, but their overall team is more flawed than the Koreans. This means that they have great potential, granted less than the top Korean team, but unlike the Korean teams, they rarely play at this high level. They have more ups and downs and the downs often comes when they play at the big stage against these great Koreans, who pick apart the western teams because they are so incredible at finding the flaws.

    This was in many ways my interpretation of the KOO vs Fnatic game.Fnatic played really well, and did many great plays, but they made these small mistakes by overcommitting, trying to bite the whole hand instead of taking the small leads they could've taken. I remember in particular one of the games where KOO played incredibly passively. All they did all game was reacting to what Fnatic did. This turned out to be an incredibly strong strategy, since they could be "lazy" and simply let Fnatic make mistakes and then quickly strike back when this happened. Kind of like how a snake kills its pray. After the game I felt let down, because I felt that Fnatic should've been able to beat KOO because I felt KOO didn't do much (they didn't, they just did few but great plays) and that Fnatic should've won and that they would have if they had not made those overcommitments. Mind you, I had taken a break from LoL eSports, so I thought this was simply how I thought KOO always played. If that was the case, then I would've been right in my analysis, which goes along the lines of KOO being bodied by SKT because Fnatic had much the same style as SKT with the fast plays and doing all these great plays, just Fnatic being a more flawed version of SKT's style. As it turned out, I was completely wrong. Not in my prediction that SKT would win, but in how they would do it. KOO was (to me) incredibly aggressive and thus a completely different animal than what I saw in the game against Fnatic. After the finals, I rewatched the KOO vs Fnatic, and I striked me that KOO wasn't playing passive because it was their style, but because it was their strategy to beat Fnatic. It all clicked for me, and I "saw the light" of why Monte is so impressed by Korean LoL.

    This turned out in a completely different way than what I expected, with much more background to why I have the views I have ending up in the centre of the comment, so I feel like I should make a small concise point here at the end. What I mean about Fnatic and many top western teams, is that they do have a lot of potential. In the best case scenario, they can beat the Koreans. The chances are just incredibly slim, since they are way too inconsistent. To me, this is what keeps the western teams at the level below the Korean, and this is exactly why the western teams always fail at the top tournaments, like Worlds and MSI.

    EDIT: If you do read it, it would be fantastic and make my day if you would give me a response to this, how you view this and why I may be right/wrong. I don't feel very strongly about this, since I feel like my knowledge on this subject is very limited and therefore it would be fantastic with feedback from an expert. Thanks!

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