Lawsuit Blames Snapchat’s ‘Speed Filter’ Over Georgia Crash | NBC Nightly News

Snapchat is being sued for allegedly contributing to a serious crash involving a teenager who is accused of slamming into an Uber driver while using a feature …


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  1. wouldn't the speedometer will just as good if not accurate than snapchat's speed filter? why would use an app or a filter of an app to tell me how fast am going when the speedometer is right in front of me when i'm driving?

    if i need to have an app to show how fast im going, i can just give it my passengers, have then take the photo, so i can get my speeding ticket in the mail instead at the hospital bed.

  2. Then WTF does Snapchat think the filter is for? They made it for people to use while driving. THATS WHAT IT IS FOR. They are liable in this, and should pay. You can't say "Hey lets build an app to clock how fast your going in a car", and then try to say "Don't use it in a car".

  3. Snapchat is also to blame tho read deeper, they made a Filter Especially FOR speeding WHILE USING A PHONE!!!! yes primary the gierls fault but tis also there and shoudl be sued and made there filters be legal and responsible, warning label or not

  4. If we can go after Snapchat for distracted driving, then we can go after distilleries, breweries, and vineyards for drunk driving. What's to stop us from going after gun manufacturers for mass shootings?

  5. Why do you need to tell me to subscribe at the end of every video?  Lester is annoying.  Chuck is annoying.  It adds at least 15 seconds to the clips which forces me to have interact with my device to move to my next clip.

  6. Snapchat didn't make her use her phone. That was HER choice. And then she takes a selfie in the ambulance. She has to now live with what happened for the rest of her life. What a dumbass.

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