Produced by http://www.thefutureindex.com for the 2013 CASE Europe Annual Conference in Manchester, Future Vision 2020 is a 7 minute look at the trends …


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  1. I get supper excited for this upcoming tech, but than I remember; we are the species that developed spaceflight and landed on our own moon before we realized we could put wheels on luggage.

  2. As cool as all of this seems, it will be the cause of the world's end. No one realizes half of the problems that even today's technology has created. 20+ years ago, people actually had respect for others and the world was a decent place and now we have kids in middle school smoking cigarettes and getting into drugs with high levels of disrespect for their own parents and the internet/modern technology is a large portion of the problem. While technology can be a great thing, it's often taken for granted and used for the wrong purposes.
    The earth and all it's people won't be around for much longer. We'll be lucky to have the earth for another hundred years.

  3. Hover cars wont be or at least shouldn't be for the general public because it would be dangerous to have everyone flying around and possibly crashing into houses or buildings. Hover cars would be good for taxis flown by licensed pilots.

  4. force fields and tactical cloaking? definitely not in the next 7 years, that will take a while longer for sure. the space flight is also struggling and 7 years isn't nearly enough time. other than that, for the most part all of the other technologies, if not already partially here , are definitely going to be here within 7 years reasonably.

  5. A lot of narrow minded people, the key is to open your mind anything is possible you have not seen nothing yet, technology is one thing it will go on as long as we survive as a species, have you even given a thought to the other side of the coin spirituality and consciousness, there is much to be learnt and study from this what does it mean to be human and a higher level of connection through the mind to nature and universe, there is a lot of stuff we dont know were still a primitive species we have yet to find balance on our planet and yet to end war and truly be a global nation. give it some thought.  

  6. All this looks stupid as fuck y'all lazy motherfuckers quit being little dumbasses and leave this shit the way it is now some things are Okay but They are getting to technical next thing you know there is fucking robot food and shit like that quit with the fucking technology!!!

  7. I think a lot of this is way past the next 7 years, I mean we still had YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and iPhones 7 years ago, I don't think mind reading and thought texts and holograms will be around in 7 years… Most likely some of this stuff won't even be around in 70 years!

  8. We have nuclear fusion already, just doesn't create much electricity yet. In 20-30 years, you'll see a massive increase in the amount of electricity generated from nuclear fusion and the world will be fueled solely on fusion. There probably won't be an oil crisis unless we dramatically increase the amount of it we use. Regardless, we still have a good 40-50 years until we run out of oil.

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