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The iPhone 6S is faster than the Galaxy Note 7 (Apple Byte) – Viral Trends

The iPhone 6S is faster than the Galaxy Note 7 (Apple Byte)

You can take a deep breath Apple fans, real world speed tests show the iPhone 6S destroys the Note 7. The Apple Watch 2’s cellular data plans fall through and …


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Comments 48

  1. LOL I knew it I got my 6 plus replaced for that same issue last month and they gave me a new one, with the exact same problem only this time I don't have the grey bar ? just won't respond to touch occasionally

  2. they didnt turn off the animation scale, they put the screen animation on 4 or 5 or something… this some ol bullshit. some biased way of looking at things.

  3. K, people, seriously. I get that you like the Note better, it is a very solid phone. However, don't make yourself look like you're just fan boy by acting like the iPhone is crap, and that that speed test never happened. The iPhone 6s is a great phone, and so is the Note 7, but they are very different. Being unable to accept that is silly and pointless on both sides.

  4. phonebuff guys first video with this test like this was ram management test. now he succeeded in fooling other iPhone users n making fun if Android. to show apple still superior and hide other features of android n phones so he is named it speed test now.

  5. we don't care about this. its not making an iPhone better than note 7 . no way. just because of little bad ram management. which is impractical in real world. other than this not a single thing iPhone wins

  6. speed meant to be opening apps fast not open a lot of apps and then reopen them. that's bullshit. this ain't no speed test. soon Android will get better optimisation than this ram issue will also gone. 4gb ram with note 7 is disappointing.. this thing in android was worst in old days. with more n better optimisation it is getting better. apple would also loose soon in ram management department as well. googke is working on this to utilise proper ram

  7. bro we can't say that a speed test. basically it's ram management kind of test. at start note 7 open apps faster. this is what we call speed that's ram thing in which all Android have this issue. in real time use no one uses phne like this. this phonebuff guy is clearly a fanboy. he know apple is no more faster nowadays in opening apps. so he just give ram management test name speed.

  8. Oh, you poor-ass Fandroid and iSheep scums fighting wether which one is really the best while here I am enjoying both my 6s Plus and Note 7. Stop fighting! Y'all just trying to justify the phone you purchased

  9. It's funny how Apple gets features that iPhanboys absolutely gawk over, only they're so isolated they don't realize that Android phones have had it for years.

    The advantage of iPhone is simplicity and compatibility. Great.
    But this is at the cost of being unable to download ANY unofficial, unapproved app.

    iPhone users are happy only because they're ignorant of what they aren't getting.

    I went from android to iOS and I was blown away by the stuff I couldn't do and i had to switch back. (And I am not an outright hater, I have a MacBook pro and like it alot)

  10. This is, pardon the expression, an apples to oranges comparison.

    Did you mention ALL the shit you can't do on the 6?

    Yeah, the software and hardwar are more merged…but that's because you have a TINY pool of apps.

  11. Iphone 6 is the same…. My friends Iphone 6 suffered the same problem… Unresponsive screen… Told it was logic board… Phone was replaced thou only because he was insured!!!! I wish apple would die as they are money grabbing Assholes!!!!!

  12. Damn my iPhone just got the touch disease last week… I'm pretty pissed off cos I was going to give the phone to my mum cos she still has the iPhone 4S and I was gonna get the new Samsumg Note 7… :/

  13. the only reason the iphone 6s won is because one the software for ios is coded for particular hardware and android is coded more general for multiply combos of hardware so when apple codes for ios and the particular they can bring out the best of the hardware and if google actually wanted to crush apple they'll code android 7.0 nougat to the particular hardware of the nexuses and destroy apple because on paper the specs are significantly better plus the apple a9 chip doesn't have to power a lot of pixles (apples shit 720p display)

  14. I get the Note 7 tomorrow, I expected the very best for the price I've paid today. I will try to optimise if I can, but with 30 days money back guarantee if Note 7 lags in the slightest it's going back and I'm going back to iPhone. Space black iPhone 7 with space black Apple Watch. Hopefully it's fine after proper set up, but the iPhone's there if not. I'll pre order the iPhone 7 too to make sure I get the chance to swap if need be.

  15. They strengthened the entire encasing of the iPhone 6s because people were bending the phone. Not because "they knew" this particular issue would rise. You're so thirst to give Apple a "Bad Apple" lol.

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