Justin Bieber Ruins Sofia Richie’s Birthday – Kylie Jenner Goes Missing On Snapchat (DHR)

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  1. She's pregnant is my best guess . First she goes to Justin's house then heads to the doctor ? I dunno about y'all but I'm thinking its too late now to say sorry cause I think she's too young to have a baby for a birthday present ??

  2. Bruh like Justin girl has a big weird nose I am sorry but I don't like this girl even tho I don't know all about her if Justin wasn't famous she wouldn't go for him

  3. I saw a video that Fifth Harmony on Instagram. It was a video of Lauren blocking a ball that was going to hit Camilla. Now, idk if this was after or before the video shown above, but I just think that's ironic.

  4. Anyone else think Sofia looks like Justin at times??..they say good couples tend to look like each other, buuuut Justin is probably just so into himself he had to find a female that looked like him. lol

  5. i love bella…. but now knowing that she is biesexsual is shocking and really just makes me grossed out that no one seems surprised as now all this gender blends and biesexsual are normal things

  6. I love how they said that sofia didn't start the drama when she did. The fact that she went on to Justin's Ig and post 6 pictures of them, then make that caption acting like justin (using grammar know he isn't the best at). It not the fact that she hanging out with Justin it's just the fact that she is super disrespectful. Her commenting that hailey wasnt good for him but at less she respected his beliebers. plus she a hoe eho has no friends because she fucked all her friends boyfriends

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